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The new Great Whites deck, available with our unique marking system PLUS the last days of our fantastic competition.

September 24th, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide

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Introducing the new Great Whites deck, designed by Phill Smith in collaboration with TV Card Shark Drummond Money-Coutts, available as both a standard deck AND a marked deck, featuring a unique and highly visible marking system with clear marking and zero ambiguity for a fast and reliable read in the heat of a live performance. The deck oozes old-school cool with a great feel, a subtle design that looks great in play, custom kings, Jokers with a smart revelation built in and a marking system has to be seen to be believed.
Great Whites:

Poker Size 88 x 63mm

Card Material: 320um Sure Slip playing card board

Printed CMYK & Plastic Coated.

Box Material: 395um Zanta Box Board. Moleskin Laminated.

To celebrate the launch of the deck were are also running an incredible competition: On the 1st October we will be taking the names of everyone who has ordered the deck and randomly selecting one person. We will contact this winner and Sovereign Playing Cards design studio will design and print an amazing, unique one-off deck to their exact specification. This deck will never be made available to the public and will exist only as an incredibly exclusive super-limited run, the ultimate collector’s deck. But hurry, time is ticking!
To find out more about our decks, visit http://www.sovereignplayingcards.com

IBM British Ring Convention results and winners

September 7th, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide


Winner 2013: Bharat Patel

British Ring Shield Competition

THE BRITISH RING SHIELD Winner 2013: Oliver Tabor

THEO SPEAKER CUP Winner 2013: Ed Hilsum

Winner 2013: Atmosfear

Winner 2013: Oliver Tabor

Winner 2013: Oliver Tabor

Winner 2013: Not awarded

The British Ring Close-up Competition
for the Zina Bennett Trophy

1st prize the Zina Bennett Trophy
Winner 2013: Steve Faulkner

2nd Prize: Matthew Le Motte

3rd Prize: Craig Petty

The ‘Rovi’ Trophy
Winner 2013: David Forrest

Dealers Trophy
Winner 2013: Practical Magic

South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014 – The Evasons

September 3rd, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide

www.evason.com_images_evasons-8x10-1.pdf.pngIf you have never heard of the Evasons, you will – very soon. That’s because Jeff and Tessa Evason are coming to STIMF 2014 to perform their incredible brand of mind power, and it’s a show that generates a great deal of amazement – and enthusiasm.

Since 1983 the Evasons, who are based in Toronto and Annapolis, have astounded audiences the world over. Their performance is a mind-blowing repertoire of paranormal feats. Audiences react with wide-eyed wonder when Tessa and Jeff demonstrate their skills in ESP, telepathy, super memory, prediction, telekinesis and levitation.

This slick blend of interactive demonstration, comic relief and spellbinding entertainment is definitely not a magic show. There are no gimmicks, no wires, no hidden microphones. In fact, the Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise. The experience defies explanation. And maybe that’s why the crowds go wild at every show.
There’s never a dull moment for Jeff and Tessa, who spend much of their year on the road entertaining audiences at college or corporate events, theatres, cruises or casino showrooms.

They have also performed their acts to audiences in the millions through network television programs. On NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic V, they were called: “The finest act of its kind in the world,” while their performance on Fox’s Powers of the Paranormal was touted as: “The most amazing mind reading act you’ve ever seen.” In fact, the Discovery Channel hails them as:

“A new generation of mentalists.”

It’s no wonder that Siegfried & Roy named The Evasons their favourite act, awarding them the prestigious SARMOTI Award at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. They are a class act, recognized by their peers and fans alike as the finest mentalist duo in the world. Their stylish presentation and stunning showcase of talent has also earned them the distinction of being the Psychic Entertainers Association’s Performers Of The Year.

The South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014 takes place Fri 14th to Sun 16th March 2014

You can get more info by calling Karri Prinn on 0191 455 4031
Or email karri.prinn@southtyneside.gov.uk

77th IBM British Ring Convention Buxton 2013 Programme of Events

May 3rd, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide

IBM British Ring No. 25 

77th Annual Convention Buxton 2013

Wednesday September 4th – Sunday September 8th

(Programme of events – subject to alteration)

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Justin Flom – Special Guest at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp 2013

May 1st, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide

Justin is PUMPED for camp this year:

Amidst rampant Facebook and Twitter speculation, Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp just announced bringing in famed Las Vegas-based Magician Justin Flom as the special guest at Camp this summer.

With several best selling DVDs, a cover of IBM’s magazine and a ton of great unpublished ideas – Justin Flom has lots to offer the campers. Famous for his Ellen appearances, Justin Flom’s YouTube channel has also received international acclaim. The campers are going to love him!

The inspiration for asking Justin Flom to spend time at Sorcerers Safari, explained Mike Segal, owner of the performance art camp, “He simply loves magic and would be a perfect fit for camp and the kids.” Segal continued, “And there really is no better way to spend quality time immersed in the art of magic than with one of your heroes. Who doesn’t love Justin Flom? He’s awesome!”

The idea of having the ‘rising stars of magic’ as special guests at camp is always one of the hot debates at the annual executive staff meetings. Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp chooses only the best of the best to come up as their special guest. After unanimously agreeing Justin Flom was a perfect fit, they asked and he gladly accepted.

“Justin Flom is going to have a great time up here, and so are all the campers and staff. Imagine all of the experiences he can recount about performing for Ellen, having his own headlining show, filming world-wide acclaimed YouTube videos, and the rest of all the legendary things he’s done,” said Sorcerers Safari thirteen year veteran, Steven Kline. “This is going to be our sixteenth year in operation, and I can’t remember a time when I was so excited about a special guest like Justin Flom.”

Kline adds, “I met Justin Flom very early in his career and it’s nice to see him blossom into a powerful, artistic force. Having him at camp is a win-win for everyone. We welcome him to our camp family with open arms. Having Justin is like having a long-lost brother come up for the week. I love it!”

According to Mike Segal, Sorcerers Safari grows exponentially with a high rate of return campers and staff. With luck, Justin Flom will love camp so much, he too, will return every year.

Are you ages 8-18 or know someone who is and would benefit from a week at Sorcerers Safari? Learn more about attending Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp with Justin Flom this year:


IBM/SAM 2014 Combined Convention – Combined Convention Contest Rules Announced

April 26th, 2013 - Magic Convention Guide

The IBM/SAM 2014 Combined Convention has posted the Competition Rules and Contract for the FISM 2014 North American Championships and the I.B.M. and S.A.M. Contests of Magic on the convention web site.

Contest rules have been prepared to reflect the requirements of the FISM Presidium. All those who are considering entering the competition in 2014 should consider these instructions required reading.

A potential of fifteen residents of North America will have the opportunity to compete at the 2015 FISM World Championship of Magic to be held in Rimini, Italy. In addition, all contestants, regardless of residency, will have the opportunity to compete for I.B.M. and S.A.M. awards – plus performing contracts.

To date, the following conventions have committed to inviting contest winners to perform: Abbott’s Get-together  (USA), Blackpool Magic Convention (England), Club Magico Italiano (Italy), Columbus Magi-Fest (USA), El Duco Magic Weekend (Sweden), Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic (USA), MacMillan’s International Magic Convention (England), Sindelfingen International Magic Festival (Germany), Society of American Magicians Convention (USA), Winter Carnival of Magic (USA).

Registration for the 2014 I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention will reopen July 1.