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IBM Convention 2008 Eastbourne – Final Thoughts

September 28th, 2008 by Richard Morrell

With Paul Stone’s three year tenure as executive producer coming to an end this year, his expressed aim of elevating the standards of presentation, quality, depth of product and increasing attendance has certainly been fulfilled this year and we hope this ground work will continue to develop and that the highest standards will be maintained. Probably by the nature of Paul’s contacts we have been looking west, and maybe in future conventions we could look east to the wealth of magical talent in Europe and beyond, not forgetting the finest of our own performers.

All in all in my opinion one of the best IBMs for a long time, my highlights include Juan Tamariz who presents the most magical card tricks I have seen, a true artist. Bob Kohler’s Card Rise, been fooled as a magician is rare, and its great when you can get that layman feeling. Finally the underground trick of the convention, that melted my brain, if you see Noel Qualter ask him about his prediction trick with a kicker that defies belief, and his dark secret life as a film producer, you won’t regret it!