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Juan Tamariz Lecture

September 28th, 2008 by Richard Morrell

Juan started off by explaining his jumbo three card monte that he had used in the show the previous day, he explained it was an idea of Frankie Lane that he had routined. Also he used this to explain some of his magical theory on how to stand and how to resolve magic tricks, he believed magic appealed to our inner child and all magic had to be fascinating and impossible.

The second trick that he explained was the slap trick variation where he slaps the cased deck out of the spectators hand and the spectator is left holding their card, the second time he repeats it, it seems to go wrong but the card actually ends up in the magicians wallet.

Lastly Tamariz explained his variation of cards across where the three cards travel to a spectators pocket without him seemingly touching the spectator.

This lecture lasted ninety minutes and was a masterclass in magic theory, timing, stagecraft and presentation from a true modern day master of the art.