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Lecture – Guy Hollingworth

September 28th, 2008 by Richard Morrell

Guy Hollingworth started off by showing us some uses of a simple gimmick that everyone would have access too. He used it in an ace assembly with a backfire ending. Next was his simple idea for a card holdout, again demonstrated with a fairly easy no-palm travellers routine.

Guy then talked about how he researched using design principles in the magic creativity process. Again he showed us an example of a way to open at a table, with a quick thirty second piece, a small business card with his name on was torn up and restored in a flash of fire, he said he would then move on and do this for all the tables first, as a way to introduce that there was a magician at the event.

He then showed a brilliant dual-reality principle that allowed a very clean signed card at any number, and opens up a whole host of uses.

Once Upon a Time is a fairytale trick that Guy had invented for his Goddaughter, a deck of cards that is designed to look like a childrens story book and can be used to tell three fairy stories with magical occurrences.

Finally Guy performed his Torn and Restored Card Trick, Reformation, to end a brilliant lecture.