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Stars of the Future Show

September 28th, 2008 by Richard Morrell

James Milner, a member of The Magic Circle Young Magicians club, compered the first half of the show, he is developing a nice style with a typical teenage laid back attitude.

Is there no limit to Mchael Jordans talent, he juggles, plays guitar, sings and does magic and I believe he also plays in a brass band – He opened with some quick Fire Eating, and Jerry Andrus’s Zone Zero and Gypsy Thread to a poem. He had a funny Knife Through Coat routine and an hilarious Unicycle & Knife Juggling finale involving Danny Hunt of Amethyst.

Ed Hilsum who appeared in the Stage Competition reprised his act – Gloves to Dove, a Silk Fountain, Appearing, Multiplying and Vanishing Candles, Billiard Ball manipulation, and finally the Vanishing Dove Cage. Ed has a great smile, audience likeability and a great stage presence, a name to watch.

Sara Jade & Leah Mae daughters of Su Jayne performed a charming flamenco style double act, age 8 and 10 (it was Leah Mae’s tenth birthday) their act includes Linking Ribbons, Dove Pan with Ribbon Fountain, Fan Productions and finishes by magically producing a ribbon picture of a Flamenco Dancer.

Megan Knowles-Bacon demonstrated her dance class ballet skills in a fairy themed act complete with fairy wings and wand. She danced her way through Silk to Rose, Dlite & Light-up Firefly, Linking Rings, Drink in the news, Silk to Cane, Dancing Cane, Tipover Production and a Flashy Snowstorm.

Cynthia Neptune thanked the juniors and Trevor Lewis closed the convention.