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Armando Lucero Workshops In December

November 30th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

If you saw Armando Lucero at this weekends International Magic Convention you may wish to know that you can still attend his workshops that are running in London.

The two workshops run December 2-3, 2009 (2-days) from 11AM to 4PM each day and December 4-8, 2009 (5-days) again from 11AM to 4PM each day.

The first of these workshops is on Cards, concentrating on two special sleights. Participants have the opportunity to witness Armando executing these sleights within original compositions of legerdemain. The routines are structured with artistic and theatrical considerations. The emphasis is on theory, application, and performance.

The second of these dates is for The Coin Menagerie, which is considered to be Armando’s quintessential work in magic. This workshop will reveal all of its techniques. Although the secrets are only part of the teaching; what is most important is the philosophy behind the magic. The objective is to gain insight into theory and composition, with Coin Menagerie as its most formidable model.

You can get full details on Armand Lucero’s website – www.armandolucero.com and clicking on ‘Workshops’