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Bob Sheets Lecture – South Tyneside International Magic Festival

March 16th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

DSC00909Bob Sheets was able to give a full two hour lecture as we were still awaiting the arrival of David Williamson’s luggage, so the time was extended. This allowed Bob to cover a lot of material including most of the things from his new Hospitality DVDs. Bob started off by showing and briefly explaining Ton Onosaka’s Royal Tonte that he had performed in the close-up show. He then showed Six Tricks in Two Minutes his version of the Ambitious Card crossed with a Colour Changing Deck.

It’s the Rules followed which is Bob’s handling of the Sachs Dice routine, however Bob has made it so that you can use giant dice. Bob then showed us his handling of Dan Garretts linking pin routine, a very visual linking and unlinking sequence. Next Bob showed his handling of the Sponge Bunny trick and Flash Deck which was a very good think-a-card trick.

Bob then demonstrated Marked which is his handling of a John Cornelius packet trick. He then performed and explained Gotcha a very baffling version of Triumph combined with card revelation.

Triple Transpo followed which is Bob’s handling of Copper Silver Brass, complete with excellent purse switches that elimate the need to keep going back to the pocket. 3 Ball Trick is Bob’s handling of a three ball routine, and he really showed and talked about how his personality and confidence as a Stage Magician paid off in his presentation. Lastly he quickly ran through a demonstration and part explanation of the three shell game.