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Bristol Day of Magic – Dealers Showcase

May 11th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

The dealers hall this year as we said had been moved to the Ball Room which gave the dealers a much larger area and for the most part a better layout. There were 24 dealers in total, although one or two appeared to not to be present.

Albion Magic Company, Keith Bennett Magic, T & M Baloons and Magic, The Card Collection, Discount Magic, Kaymar Magic, The Magic Attic, Merlins of Wakefield, Practical Magic, JB Magic, Steven Ticker, Made to Measure Magic, Adrian Sullivan Magic, Alakazam Magic, Big Blind Media, Dtrik – Wayne Dobson, Five of Hearts Magic, Magic Books by Post, The Magic Zone, Mel’s Magic, Playtime Balloons, Razamatazz Magic, Heidi Costumes, Zane’s Magic and Barrie James Illusions were all listed. World Magic Shop also appeared during the morning, minus some employees..

Although the range and number of dealers was very good, it was difficult to see that there were actually some dealers on the upper levels, especially when down on the main dealer floor, also the programme during the day, although excellent, was quite tightly packed together, with only 5, 10 or 15 minute breaks, other than the 45 minutes of the closeup sessions (which allowed a break either in the morning at 11:30 or afternoon at 3:45 depending on which session you were in). This meant little time to walk around the dealers unless you wanted to miss some of the lectures during the day (we had to miss some parts of them to get round all of the dealers).

This was a real shame, and it would be nicer next year to have slightly longer breaks between sessions or a longer period after the last lecture for the dealers hall to be open, although a balance between content, duration and breaks is hard, it would be nice to see a slight adjustment here.