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Bristol Day of Magic – Roy Darnley Memorial Lecture with Shawn Farquhar

May 10th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

Shawn Farquhar is not only a great performer, hes extremely funny, making his lecture a joy to watch and listen to.
A wonderful matrix effect utilizing cards with photos of his hands, finishing with the chip and coin appearing in the actual photo was pure genius in method.

Other effects included a signed CD where the cd vansihed, leaving the signature behind show how inventive Shawn can be.
He also talked through a misprediction on a card box that turns out to be correct, again through a very simple method.

The best parts of Shawns lecture is just how simple many of his effects are, and how much detail he goes into explaining that simple method, but however simple, all of Shawns material is workable, strong and fantastic. Add to that the pure enthusiasm Shawn has for what hes performing and talking about and you have something not to be missed. So Far the highlight of the day.