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Bristol Day of Magic – The Young Magicians Club Junior Workshop

May 13th, 2009 by Mandy Davis

Once again the stars of the convention were happy to give up some of their limited free time to teach the magicians of the future. Rarely can you get personal one on one time with the likes of Shawn Farquhar,  Steve Beam, and local magician Jayne Corrigan, and the special session run at Bristol Day of Magic was an excellent chance for young magicians to learn directly from the current stars of magic.

Shawn Farquhar, who has recently sent material to be used in YMC’s ‘Secrets’ magazine, demonstrated and aided those present to learn several useful effects. A playing card was displayed with a ‘trap door’ in its middle. Whilst a spectator holds the card by this loose flap, the card was turned inside out so that from being face down it was now face up! This fooled everyone – yet all left the workshop able to perform it! Shawn also showed some other card effects, including ‘Lazy Aces’ for those who were just beginners.

Steve Beam delighted everyone with some of his self-working miracles and, once again, all were able to perfect the tricks before the end of the session.

Finally local female magician, Jayne Corrigan, taught everyone to make paper roses – a skill that she has found has got her some very good close up bookings. She was able to share this with the group of young magicians who left the room with a sheaf of paper napkins and spent a lot of the rest of the day practicing all the magic they had learned.

Mandy Davis, who organised the event thanked Jayne, together with Shawn and Steve, who were very happy to help her bring another exciting workshop to the West Country.

There will also be another star-studded Junior Workshop at the IBM Convention at Southport which we will publish the details for soon. For further information on how to join the Young Magicians Club head over to the main website – www.youngmagiciansclub.com

Photo courtesy of Mandy Davis