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Eugene Burger Lecture

February 22nd, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

The one thing I’ve been impressed with through out this weekend is not just how many excellent names were here, but just how approachable they all were.

It’s very rarely you get to see Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, and James Randi, together, it’s even more rarer that you get to listen to them talk, all together, and it’s possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to listen to all three of them lecture, and I think only at Blackpool this year could you find all of them, and sit and talk with them together all day.

The Eugene Burger lecture was excellent, and like every session this weekend had a packed spanish hall. If you get nothing effectwise from Eugene’s lectures, it worth it’s weight in gold just to listen to how he presents, how he sees effects, and how he entertains.

Excellent stuff.