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FISM Day Five – Social Banquet Show

July 30th, 2009 by Andy Stone

special awards

We once again enjoyed an amazing Chinese Banquet with dishes including “Deep Fried Grass Carp with Special Sauce” (very nice) and  “Browsed (SIC) Mushrooms with Abalone Sauce”. We ate our food accompanied by a military band playing music from FISM member counties.

The entertainment comprised an amazing girl group that danced, sang and played electric violins and other instruments, a tenor, a soprano, a pas de dues and two acrobatic performances. The first was an acrobatic plate spinning group and the second a “handstand group” where 2 men walked up and down stairs on their heads and hands!

Between the food and the cabaret the FISM Special Awards were handed out. Creativity was won by Jim Steinmyer and collected on his behalf by Mike Caveney. History was won by Bill Kalush who runs the Conjuring Arts Research Center and the “Ask Alexander” website. It was collected by Richard Kaufman on his behalf. The final award winner was able to collect his award in person. The Philosophy award went to Juan Tamariz a decision loudly welcomed by the Spanish delegates. The awards were announced by Max Maven and handed out by FISM President Eric Eswin.

As we walked into the dinner we were able to watch Marc Oberon rehearsing with the TV crew for tomorrow’s final, on the closed circuit TV system, so it looks like Marc is in with a chance of winning the Grand Prix. The official results and competitors for the Grand Prix will be announced tomorrow at 1200 local time.