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IBM British Ring Convention 2009 – Southport – International Close-up Gala

September 26th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

Thom Peterson kicked things off with a card selection being found in increasingly impossible ways, he had someone pick a card and it was found by someone else. He then made three piles, and the spectator could pick which pile and mark it with a letter opener, and her card was on top of that pile, and finally he wrapped the deck in paper and used the dagger to stab to the selection. Thom then showed us a bar bet, which looked like Mark Jenests Jiggernaut routine, where an olive is hidden under a Jigger and transposes between the pocket and the table, all with an added twist by Thom.

Ed Ellis showed us some fast Ace Productions, his Quick Change routine, a repeat four-of-a-kind production, card in shoe, a Karrell Fox Torn and Restored Card, his Materialise Colour Change and finally some very visual Ring Through Rubber Band sequences.

Hayashi came on dressed in full Samurai gear, talking in a Japanese accent he used a translation machine to funny effect, before it blew up and gave him the ability to speak perfect English. What followed was his FISM matrix routine, and the Deja Vu sequence we had seen in his lecture along with Ryan Swigerts Kickback.

John van der Put reprised his winning act from last year. A very funny Sponge Bunny routine and Cards under Box. Finally John had a card chosen and signed, he sprung the deck at his laptop which was showing an outdoor video, one card stuck to the screen, but on the inside, he supposedly ran off outside to retrieve the card and came back holding the signed card. A prediction was opened which didnt match the selection, but John used his VDP powers to change the signed card to match the prediction.

Tyler Wilson came bounding on, he borrowed a pack of cards and performed a very funny spoof on Sam the Bellhop, I wont spoil this, but if you see Tyler lend him your deck and Im sure he will be happy to show you. A transposition effect took place between a signed card and a card that Tyler had stuck in the waist band of his trousers. Similarly he had two other cards folded, one placed in a womans mouth and one placed in his, the two changed places. Tyler finished with his Perfect trick that is similar to Unshuffled, but the word Perfect on the side of the deck seem to melt into existence and then the deck is shown to be in new deck order, and finally the name of the selection appears on the side of the deck.

To close the show Henry Mayol, a Coins through Glass Sheet was using the same method as the coins across in the lecture, but took it a stage further. He had a spoon transposition between a bent spoon and a straight spoon that had been placed in a paper bag. Finally he placed four coins in the matrix position and covered them with four cards, and then simply showed the coins to have vanished.