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IBM British Ring Convention 2009 – Southport – Pavel Lecture

September 26th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

Pavel is most noted for his Rope Magic but this afternoon his lecture was a Best Of and contained a mixture of material.

His first trick used a small metal tube and some rope which he wound rope around the tube in a spiral and asked us to guess how many twists it had. When he brought it out Pavel pulled the rope off to reveal it had turned into rope loops, he then threaded them back onto the tube and restored them back to one whole rope.

Next a silk trick that he had first performed at the IBM back in 1966. Three silks were produced and put into a newpaper cone where they magically joined together.

Pavel then showed us his latest work on the fantastic knot where a knot changes colour and is then untied and shown to be part of he rope. His current one allowed you to cleanly show the rope and empty hands before proceeding.

Pavel then talked about his love for the methods found in 13 Steps to Mentalism. He showed us some neat ideas for instant stooging a spectator along with an idea to reveal a prediction in a balloon.

Staying with Balloons be showed us a very clever method for Card in Balloon. Another rope trick followed, his famous Yellow Rope Trick where the rope is run through a tube and ends up with lots of knots tied on it. Finally he showed us a prediction in the form of a jumbo card but made in paper. The prediction was wrong so he tore it up and restored it sans one of the pips to correctly predict the selection.

A good lecture with some novel ideas, I particularly liked the new work on the sliding colour changing knots.