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IBM British Ring Convention 2009 – Southport – Round up

September 27th, 2009 by Richard Morrell

That concludes the blogging from this years IBM British Ring Convention 2009 in Southport. I have really enjoyed the week, there has been some lows, and bad magic, but overall the high points have outweighed them. I should mention I havent reported on the Fringe event run by Fay Presto. I did attend on two nights and really enjoyed it. Fay is to be applauded for the money and time she puts in to running these events. They are hoping to set up a website and to get donations to allow this event to continue. On the nights I went I saw Pat Fallon, Steve Evans, Ian Keable, Lee Hathaway, John Kimmons, Hayashi and Steve Dela amongst others, with a mixture of standard magic, comedic sketches, and gentle ribbing about certain parts of the convention.

Also we should mention the dealers. Located in the newly built Waterfront Suite, an array of some 36 dealers all displaying their colorful and varied wares throughout the week. I also popped my head into the auction were Mike Shepherd and Derek Lever were busy auctioned off all manner of items, I understand this was a great success and raised lots of money for the Welfare Fund.

One last thing that I understand came out of the A.G.M. I believe the I.B.M are looking to open registration early for next years event and that if you book online before Christmas you will get a discounted price, so lookout for that and Im sure MCG will be bringing you all the details.