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International Magic Convention – Gala Show

November 30th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

We always list the gala show after the Sunday, as the show is repeated, and its never nice going to a show knowing what’s going to happen!

Photo by Mandy DavisAs the last of the audience filed into the sold out 600 seater Mermaid Theatre, Tina Lenert, in her classic cleaners outfit shuffled through the front row, before heading up on stage as the lights dimmed to bring us her wonder act. Her mop slowly coming to life as a classic gentleman in top hat, wooing her with diamonds and flowers. Always one of my favorite acts.

Noel Britten was the compere for the evening, always a favorite of mine, sharp, witty, and always able to interact with the audience, and any mishaps that arise during the show.

From magic we went into the first of the variety type acts: One Motion, a break dancing act from London, they has some sound issues at the start, but performed well, and brought the energy up.

Photo By Mandy DavisNext up was the amazing Han Seol Hui from Korea, the first of two FISM winners on the bill, his perfect CD manipulations just wow anyone who sees them. Not only is he fast, the CD’s are real, making the production and manipulations even more amazing.

Chris Mitchell then took to the stage with an appearing bowling ball (or rather ping pong balls, and then bowling ball) before heading into a Vanishing Bandanna routine.

Brett Sherwood then took to the stage opening with a vanishing birdcage, very good card manipulations, and floating paper rose to real rose. I’d have preferred to see Han Seol Hui close the first half, but it was a good set, that was meant with good applause from those around me.

Photo by Mandy DavisThe second half opened with Leo Nifosi performing some lovely feather manipulations, along with snowstorm and some contact juggling with a large clear ball. An extremely polished act that was both different and enjoyable.

Heir of Insanity continued the variety acts, a gymnastic duo performing balances within a large clear bubble. They were just about the right length of time for this sort of act, again extremely talented and helped the magic/non magic mix.

Photo by Mandy DavisNoel Britten then performed his main piece with Francis the Duck, first made famous by John Salisse,  it was a wonderfully funny piece around Francis performing mind reading, expertly delivered by Noel, and Francis!

Photo by Mandy DavisAnother FISM winner, with Yo Kato, performing his colour changing wand and thimbles, again one of those acts that you have to see to really believe how good they are, again I think this should have either closed the first or second half, just on the energy level. The thimble work was amazing, with fast and multiple changing colours, huge applause from the audience, both magic and non.

Photo by Mandy DavisArmando Lucero was next up, billiard ball manipulation, a short mine set which was very amusing and entertaining, before he started into a wonderful paper balls over the head with a audience member, finishing by ‘vanishing’ the tissue box, his jacket and shoe! expertly done, and a great set.

Photo by Mandy DavisClosing the show, and for the first time I can remember was a variety act, Matt Hennem with his crystal juggling ball. Excellent juggling, ball manipulation and entertainment.

The show was a sell out for both nights, and included as always close up magic in the foyer before the curtain up. It was a public and magicians event, attracting a large audience.

In all a great, as always, gala show, mixing magic and classic variety acts.

Many thanks to Mandy Davis for getting some wonderful photos for us!