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International Magic Convention – Rene Lavand One Man Show

November 30th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

This was always going to be one of the highlights of the weekend. The Bridewell Theatre is a intimate 135 seater theatre, and for those lucky enough to have got tickets for the show, Rene performed his full show.

We’d seen some aspects of the show during the weekend, but this was a wonderful experience for a select few to watch the full show, and see just why Rene Lavand is so well respected.

It was a awe inspiring hour as Rene slowly drank his wine, talked to the audience, and worked the cards for two extremely lucky spectators.

Expertly translated by Tina Lenert when Rene wasn’t naming the cards or colours in English. Almost every turn of the cards was met with thunderous applause or gasps of amazement.

You cannot do justice to the performance of Rene by describing the tricks, they are more than that. Rene’s show was everything you imaging about true magic, a captivating experience of emotion, skill and entertainment.

And if you ever need a lesson is showmanship and stage craft, you need only watch the show, to appreciate just how Rene can hold an audience, with just 52 cards.. reds.. and blacks..