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Magic Convention Guide Podcast 04.06.09- Thom Peterson

June 4th, 2009 by Magic Convention Guide

Also appearing at this year’s IBM British Ring Convention in Southport is Thom Peterson. Previously comparatively unknown in the UK it was just over a year ago that magicians here had their first introduction to this talented close-up worker from Winconsin. Thom describes himself as ‘The Amazing Guy’, a completely correct description endorsed by those who have seen him perform in person.

Thom has a wonderfully dry sense of humour which combined with his self-deluded belief that he is a magical super hero leaves his audiences rolling with laughter and stuck-jawed with amazement.

We talk with Thom about how his interest in magic started at a very early age and grow through his University years, how he is one of the very few performers authorised to perform in every room at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which he is a regular performer at, his move to the UK and some things you may not know about Thom.

Find out why when Thom performs the audience is reduced to laughing like a little children, utter only vowel sounds, quote scripture and stamp their feet so hard that Dr. Scholl will wake-up by listening below

You can find out more about Thom and order his products at www.amazingguystore.com

Joining Thom Peterson in the international Close-up Gala will be John van Der Putt, Hayashi, Henry Mayol, Tyler Wilson, and Ed Ellis.

The British Ring Convention, takes place this September 23rd – 27th 2009, full details and booking can be found at The British Ring site. We will be providing more information during the run up to the convention, A guide will be going up soon detailing where the HQ hotel and convention center is, along with hotel booking and local information. We will also be working closely with The British Ring to help make Southport 2009 a success.