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MAGIC Live! Tuesday and Guy Hollingworth

August 19th, 2009 by Rob James

There was no afternoon session today, instead the rest of the day was spent with “electives” and Guy Hollingworth’s one man show. The electives were numerous smaller group sessions that we could choose from. From grand illusion and stage directions to comedy writing and prop building. Every registrant got to attend four different ones. After a 13 hour day, a late night last night and an early start I have to admit I opted for an afternoon nap rather than attend two of mine but I did see both the marketing and directions sessions. In the marketing session we received “10 tips in 10 minutes” from Brad Ross, Andrew Mayne and David Sandy. In “Directions” Joanie Spina showed a video of a 6 manipulation act and pulled it apart – from the music choices to every movement that he made. We learned that Joanie had been working on this act with the performer and he was bought on to perform the new version of the act and the transformation was amazing. Even though the magic was identical the direction had changed it hugely.

While we are talking about direction, Neil Patrick Harris is the director of Guy Hollingworth’s “Expert at the Card Table” show. The last time I saw this was at the International convention in London where, if I am completely honest, I was left a little underwhelmed. A couple of years on Guy was still dressed immaculately and again recounts the story of E.S. Andrews and S.W. Erdnase but a lot has improved; the material, the delivery and the staging all changed for the better. An overhead camera captured Guy’s flawless card handing and the convention organisers had bought in some raked seating in to the room so visibility was no problem at all. Guy received a standing ovation at the end.

Rob James is a close up magician from the UK. He co-founded The Session convention and has performed all over the UK and Europe, Dubai and on two occasions at the Magic Castle.