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4F – Saturday Afternoon Show

April 25th, 2010 by Shawn Farquhar

Saturday’s afternoon show was hosted by the always funny Dan Garrett. He too kept things rolling along fast and funny and we were treated to a short video off the top which was created by Matthew Episcopo and Leon Etienne. It was lots of fun and a great way to start the show. (see below)

Steve Duperre had some super funny lines and did some stunning material from his book Muscle Magic. The discovery of the two selected card were well executed and the finish was surprising.

David Corasaro certainly changed the pace of things with his challenge card effect with the help of Boris Wild. Basically a selected card was shuffled into the deck and the deck was divided into two piles a single card at a time. While this took place David did jokes about Obie. If at the end he had the card he either one or gave Boris something. By the time we were down to just two cards, David was down to his underwear! Thank heavens he found the card.

Our next performer, Atsushi Ono of Japan via Calgary, Canada, was here for the first time as a result of winning many awards including the SAM and IBM people’s choice awards. His sleight of hand was great and even better was the plot of the routine which began as the Samurai Card trick and soon became the Samurai Coin trick.

Tony Montana, last years FISM mentalist award winner from Argentina, fooled the pants off me with a magazine page prediction. First Karen O’Brien, Obie’s other daughter a selected and inspected magazine. She then dropped the magazine to the floor and picked it up at the point if had randomly opened. Then a box which had been held by Phil Wilmarth was also opened by Phil to reveal a copy of the same page. Tony closed with a funny sock prediction using another clever principle.

Brad Lancaster was also here for his first time and did some really funny comedy bits and closed his set with the Happy Go Lucky Coins of Mystery. Brad did a great job and throughout the weekend demonstrated his sense of humour by participating in gags and bits to help others.

Bill Walsh, back to get his Master degree, offered us a Vegas gambling themed act with a series of purses and poker chips. At one point in the routine Sue-Anne Webster had the opportunity to win several thousand dollars which he laid out on the table. In the end Bill kept his cash … well until he got to the dealers room!

Following a short intermission we were treated to another first timer. Eric Eswin, President of FISM, was in top form and delivered a series of jokes that dealt with events that had already taken place so far here at 4F. He had a great sense of humour. During his set we saw a routine using colour changing CD’s and a travelling hole and a toothpick. To close out his set he did a version of the datebook card prediction.

Eric Jones presented three killer effects from his DVD’s, An Extension of Me and Mirage et Trois. He is such class act and his material is solid. He opened with the coins and moved quickly into the Ishkabibble Sandwich and closed with Twisted. A super solid set!

Albert Tam, also back for his Masters degree, showed us a deck of acrd that could take pictures complete with a flash. The a four ace assembly the ended with him tearing the deck in half. He closed with a routine using a Mahjong set which he gave to Obie at the conclusion.

Dick Steiner, going for his PHD, did a number of mind reading effects and ended his set with the “Obie trick” with the help of Karen O’Brien. Dick also gave the cards to Karen as a souvenir.

Chris Capeheart was here to get his Masters degree and demonstrated why he truly is a Master Magicians. First we learned a little about rabbit training techniques. Damn Funny! Next with the help of Karl Norman and Anne O’Brien he did coins across while poking a bit of fun at Karl, who can take a joke as well as he dishes them out. To close his set and end the show Chris did his amazing thumb-cuff routine and we were off for the first FREE meal of the day.

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