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4F- Saturday Mini Lectures

April 24th, 2010 by Shawn Farquhar

Saturday morning started with two mini lectures. The first was from three-time FISM winner Simo Aalto. Simon has won a bronze, silver and gold prize from FISM and his lecture on the mini matrix and standard size matrix showed why this clever thinking man has some many awards. He used a clever gimmick to remove many of the unnatural moves and made the effect look like magic.

JC Wagner did the other lecture and it was such a pleasure to see this master at work. He gave us the real work behind the Gambler’s Cop and presented and explained several effects from Seven Secrets. He also explained a version of “Lie Detector” but, the highlight for me was the work behind the “Heavy Mexican”. This is a wickedly good move and to be coached by JC made this super special. In the end he offered for sale a special DVD that was produced exclusively for 4F … Lucky us.

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