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Blackpool Magicians Convention – 58th International Gala Show

February 23rd, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

The weekend of outstanding magic came to a close with the International Gala show at The Opera House on the sunday evening. The show started at 7pm, although actually didn’t finish until close to midnight almost 4 hours later!

The audience was greeted by the sounds of ‘Salene’ as she played the electronic Violin as they took their seats before Mick Miller took to the stage to Compere the evening.

First up was the amazing talents of Korea’s Han Seol Hui, his Fism winning act, manipulating CD’s at speed. It was a high energy set to open with and as always with the Korean contingent, polished and skillful.

Mick Miller returned with David Williamson to talk about ‘electronics in magic’, David trying to demonstrate with a remote controlled dancing silk. Unfortunately the only movement on stage was Williamson sending Wayne Dobson on a winding tour of the stage in his wheel chair, from the wings and back again. Hugely funny.

Next up was The Great Kaplan with an act many of us might have seen, but I personally always love. Catching a bowling ball ‘falling’ from the ceiling, hat juggling amongst other things, his comedy timing spot on, mixing juggling and magic into a funny set.

Dania presented her record breaking Hula Hoop skills, showing deft control and skills with single, double and triple loops. She continued by adding many more to hula hoop with ease enough to cover her body.

Clive Webb & Danny Adams were back, minus the large amounts of paint from the previous night, although one unfortunate audience member was attempted to be vanished, and had gallons of ‘goo’ poured over him inside the box, as with the previous night great fun, and spot on comedy timing!

Huang Zheng did her manipulation act “remember”, a lovely routine set to music, silk, card, flower and streamer productions, before Levent came to the stage to deliver a good set.

Russ Stevens closed the first half with illusions, including I believe at least one brand new one, he also included this routine set to Stings ‘Shape of My Heart’. The first half ran close to 2 hours

The second half opened with presentation of awards (as mentioned previously), before Ken Dodd OBE, said ‘a few words’. Ken was followed by the superb manipulations of Yo Kato from Japan with his thimble and wand manipulations, against excellent quality, and fast.

David and Dania presented they new act, quick change set to various decades of music, again, as always amazing costume changes, and full of energy.

Headlining the show and closing the evening was Franz Harary and Company, I think Franz suffered slightly from the audience being tired, and not giving him the energy that he was expecting as the show was now heading towards its fourth hour. This aside Franz really performed for the audience, his excess baggage bill must have been huge as he rolled out large scale illusion after illusion that he had brought over. Testament to Harary as well was the fact that he only had a small part of his on stage crew with him, the rest being made up of local dancers and magicians.

Producing dancers to start off with, levitations, impailments and working through some of his signature style of illusions, it was a good set full of energy from Franz.

The show was very long, but enjoyable and had a great mix of magic and comedy in it, and was a wonderful close to a fantastic and long weekend of magic.