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Blackpool Magicians Convention – An Audience with “The Illusionists”

February 21st, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

Illusionists Franz Harary, Russ Stevens, Rafael and Danny Hunt comprised the panel for a question and answer session with Hank Morehouse

Hank asked the panel a number of questions about their careers, illusions, inspiration and magic.

Russ Stevens talked about how as illusionists they have to wear many hats, and have many skills, camera work, lighting, music and more, its much more than just pushing out a box.

Franz talked about his just for his one slot on the gala show, hes had to bring half of his production crew, around 16 people, and the costs of creating some of his effects both from his and his clients point of view.

Rafael talked about the process of creating and productionising an illusion, about the work that goes into turning it from an idea into something that appears on stage.

All of the panel discussed about the future of illusions, from the aspects of technology and ongoing creative processes. Franz talked about how the technology age has dampened the audiences amazement of things such as building vanishes, the majority of audiences believing its camera work, or refer to computer applications that can achieve similar results. He also talked about how important a connection with the audience is.

Russ Stevens talked about how illusions will change, how the boxes will become less obvious, and more hidden, for instance with air timeI

Danny Hunt discussed how lucky they were to have some fantastic minds and designers in the area of illusions to help take it onto the next level.

The session ended with an open question and answer set with the audience, which opened up some interesting discussions.

The session also lead into Rafeal destroying a copy of a floating table as he explained about copying and intellectual property.

It was a very interesting talk on a subject most people purely look at as stunning magic, its very much more than that, it is a long, creative in depth process, that we as magicians very much hold the future of in our hands.