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Blackpool Magicians Convention – Banachek Star Lecture

February 21st, 2010 by Andy Reay

This was a great ploy to get every magician out of bed on time and into the Winter Gardens. We battled through the snow for a 9am kick-off,  and to be honest, it was well worth the effort.

Banachek started his lecture with a performance of a great number prediction and telephone directory effect which went down a storm in yesterdays evening show.  I had never seen Banachek perform before this weekend, but had heard so much about him.

He then drew a thought of picture and name using an audience member. We then went straight into the methods and subtleties of everything he performed. The build up to each effect was discussed. There were a number of devilishly clever methods and everyone in the audience left with something I am sure they could use in their performance.

This was a real lesson in psychology, audience management and fantastic mentalism from a true legend.  A hugely popular event. An excellent start to a cold, frosty Sunday morning in Blackpool.