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Blackpool Magicians Convention – Ed Ellis Star Lecture

February 21st, 2010 by Andy Reay

Billed as ‘The Fastest Hands in The World’, Ed Ellis performed some of the best magic I have seen at this years convention. The Spanish Hall was packed to capacity. A performer with amazing energy, he kicked off with super slick Ace revelations. Followed by a wedding ring being magically linked to a rubber band, wrapped around a chosen card. It was evident why Ed is billed as the fastest hands.

Ed offered a tutorial on most of the moves he used in his lecture and it was good to see so many people in the audience trying out his stuff.  A lot of what he had to offer played very big, even though he was using inanimate objects as his performers. One of the stand out effects was a very believable ace colour-change.

Whilst this was a very technical session, Ed Ellis was able to put his skill across to everyone no matter what level of performer they were.  Something for everyone. Brilliant.