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Blackpool Magicians Convention – Yigal Mesika Star Lecture

February 21st, 2010 by Andy Reay

Again another capacity crowd, this time for Yigal Mesika from Israel. Blackpool Magicians Convention have pulled out all the stops this year. Although Yigal is working with a product that is difficult to see from a long way away, the audience were not short of enthusiasm for the magic he presented.

We learnt some amazing presentations including floating bills, rings, forks, sunglasses and much more. But not only that, we learnt how to perform using Yigals apparatus correctly. The magic Yigal Mesika performed was extremely visual and just as strong  seen on large projector screens.

Yigal discussed technique and also conditions which was a major factor that often goes without consideration. I had not seen Yigal perform before today, so well done to the organisers.