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CAM 2010 – Day two

May 3rd, 2010 by Shawn Farquhar

Day two of the Canadian Association of Magicians CAMaraderie convention began with the lecture of Mark Mason. Mark is an amazing magic demonstrator who has a really world knowledge of magic. In his lecture he shared a lot of valuable information that is certain to benefit anyone who listened,

Shawn Farquhar‘s lecture was next. That’s me. I did a ninety minute presentation called Bread and Butter. Basically I perform and explain many of the effects I have used to make my living for the past two decades.

The next event was strictly for the youth and was sponsored by Sorcerer’s Safari Magic Camp. I’d like to tell you what went on, but I’m not that young! I am sure Mike and Jen Segal had lots of fun things planned. I can tell you I am fortunate to be invited each year to the Camp and it is an experience that in unlike anything I have experienced anywhere else in the world.

After lunch everyone headed to the Kitchener Public library for the Stage competition. The contest is a people choice event and everyone is required to bring the ballot supplied in their convention package to even enter the theatre. Why do I mention this? Well I wasn’t fully aware of this rule and I neglected to bring my ballot and was denied entrance. I made the journey back to the hotel, found my ballot and returned just in time to miss the final act. For this reason I can’t tell you what happened. I do know that Scott Brandson, Ekaterina Dobrokhotova, Chris Pilsworth, Michael Dardant and Neil Croswell performed and it was hosted by Dick Joiner.

Following a dinner break we all gathered in the main showroom at the Delta hotel for the Dealers show. I must say I am not a huge fan of dealer shows but this one had a few great moments. I applaud Jeff of Browsers Den for his very funny presentation using a half a dozen milk pitchers and a lot of creativity.

The next event of the day was the gala Close Up show and I have to say this years line up was unbelievably talented. If you had registered for the convention and could only attend one event this one would have been worth the entire registration. The organizers went all out in regards to the production by using three Sony PD-150 broadcast quality cameras and a professional switching unit to capture all the fun on a huge ten foot by fourteen foot rear projection screen.

First up was Mark Mason who apparently has unending supply of midget jokes and great magic. Marc Oberon, also of the UK, was up next perform his FISM world championship act. It is always a pleasure to see this incredible performer work. JC Wagner took a seat and took us to school. He is a genius and his commercial magic was outstanding. Bob Sheets was next with a hilarious card stab routine that had everyone in stitches. Bob is just one of those performers that has every last detailed planned and it really pays off. Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster kept things moving along with an awesome set that started with an infomercial for D’Cups and ended with “Run Around Sue”. Henry Evans, another FISM award winner is always a special treat, unless you have to follow him! Henry did a number of his signature routines and ended with a portion of his FISM act. The audience loved him and gave him a well deserved standing ovation.

Shawn Farquhar, that’s me, closed the show with a new signed card in a sealed and signed balloon and my signature solid cups and balls. Obie O’Brien, who hosted the whole show invited the whole cast back for a final bow and a well deserved standing ovation.

The final event of the evening was a lecture from Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster. Despite the late hour the room was full and Tim and Sue-Anne really delivered a great lecture. They have been on the road for awhile now in the USA doing this lecture and I can see why it has been so well received.

Following the lecture I headed to the hospitality room to share a few beverages which is most likely the reason I am late posting this report.

Shawn Farquhar is reporting from Camaraderie 2010 you can read all the updates right here