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The Session 2010 – The Session on Creativity

January 16th, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

Andi Gladwin hosted The Session On Creativity which followed on well Danny Garcia’s lecture.

Its often hard for us, as magicians to understand how to create and invent new magic and effects

The session started with Mark Elsden talking through how he creates and thinks of effects. The most important aspect being, to keep a note book.

He also talked at length about non magic books that have helped him work on ideas.

the ability to create is in all of us, but its down to time and desire, the second part of his session concentrted on looking at effects and the creative process behind them, and how he looked at turning non magic items into magic ones, for example his rubix cube effect.

Next up was again Danny Garcia, possibly one of the most creative minds there is, he talked about how he believed that in magic, nobody has set any rules, and how we should think outside the box when creating.

He then worked though various ideas from the audience on objects, expanding out possible ideas, stating that there is no such thing as a bad idea

The session finished with a panel session made up of noel qualter, danny garcia, mark elsdon, and Andi Gladwin talking and taking questions from the audience on how to create and build new ideas

It was a excellent and thought provoking hour and a half, with many ideas sparking, and hopefully the start of some new magic effects