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The Session 2010 – Thom Peterson

January 17th, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Like many of us, bleary eyed from last nights Session, Thom appeared from under the closeup table, producing a bottle of indigestion tonic from his shoe, before heading into his set.

That I love about Thoms lectures is that he’s always entertaining, and always produces magic with simple things. His first effect, borrowing a ring from an audience member, for it to vanish and re-appear inside a Kinda Chocolate Egg, is a great example of this.

He then moved onto spoon bending, firstly with a physical spoon, before repeating the effect with a drawn spoon on a notepad, signed by himself and a spectator.

Thom’s creativity lends itself to the most mundane looking objects, turning them into minor miracles. A great effect using a novelty ‘Fortune Telling Fish’ leading into a prediction with an audience member on a card matching the fishes behavior.

Thom finished with a strong effect in which a spectator selected a card, lost it in the deck, and then selected it out of a spread out deck themselves using a simple and straight forward method.

The great thing for us in the UK is that Thom not only has a great wide range of lecture material, that he uses in his day to day act, but that Thom is now based in the UK, and  available for lectures..

A great start to the sunday schedule.