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The Session – Brett Bishop lecture

January 16th, 2010 by Magic Convention Guide

Brett Bishop is a new name to us, and this was his first lecture.

He opened with a nice effect involving turning water into ‘cool-aid’, vanishing the cool-aid powder, and turning the water in a bottle into rich red cool-aid.

He followed with a simple chosen card transposition using a regular red, and jumbo blue deck, both effects proving that you don’t need complex slights to create great effects

Brett continued his session with some clever and tight card effects, a lovely ring and coin transposition utilising the much under used Garrett Thomas’s ‘ring thing’ move.

A signed card to card box and a very nice marketable effect based around the plot of a ‘bomb-deck’.

It’s always extremely nice to see new names and promising performers coming from the sidelines. Andi and team made a great choice bringing over Brett for the convention.