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IBM British Ring Winners and Awards 2011

September 26th, 2011 by Magic Convention Guide

This years British Ring Convention in Southport, the winners and various awards were:
 Ta na manga

Ta na Manga, IBM British Shield Winners 2011

Stage Competition Winners:

  • 1st: Ta na Manga with Inspirato
  • 2nd: Elemental
  • 3rd: Ianthe
  • Manipulation: Elemental
  • Comedy: Not Awarded
  • Originality: Tim Shoesmith.

Closeup Competition Winners:

  • 1st: Matthew Wright
  • 2nd: Michael Neto
  • 3rd: Paul Ingram
  • Rovi: Marcus Taylor.

Micro Marathon Winner:

  • Bharet Patel.

Dealers Trophy:

  • Practical Magic.

Many Thanks to Richard Morrell for updating everyone on the winners, you can follow Richard on Twitter as well