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EMC 2012 – Session 9 – Gaetan Bloom

July 29th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Essential Magic Conference

Gaetan Bloom is just a powerhouse of ideas and captivating performance, the last speaker of EMC 2012 was going to be special!

Gaetan showed cards to one spectator and she selected one and showed it to the audience. The other spectator covered his eyes, so as not to see the card, and then his ears, so he didnt hear it. Tearing a corner from the card to mark it, in true Gaetan style objects started coming out of the cardboard box Gaetan had brought on stage.

thoroughly entertaining and funny as Gaetan proves that the card isn’t in any of the fruit he brought on stage… before producing… salad..!?

inside the salad…. nothing… having cut it into piece and put inside the cardboard box..

Essential Magic Conference

The salad then restores itself, and inside the salad.. an orange.. inside the orange a kiwi.. in the kiwi… the card.. minus it’s corner…!!! obviously!!!

Wonderful end to the performances and extremely funny..

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