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EMC 2012 – Session 9 – Teller – Live From Las Vegas

July 29th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Essential Magic Conference

We were treated to the voice of Teller, live from las vegas. Luis made sure that there was a plan B following the issues with the Derren Brown question session, by using Skype and a mobile phone!

Teller talked through things that he was working on, apparently a piece for the live show that involves a live cow, as well as more shows, to follow on from ‘Play Dead’, including more Shakespeare work.

Teller also explained his working and stage relationship between himself and Penn, and also talked about the Fool Us programme in the UK, and how the really he wasnt overly upset if he’d been fooled, more that he’d given a good showcase to the magicians taking part.

On the subject of if Teller had ever broken character and talked on stage, he explained that sometimes he had spoken on stage with Penn, but obviously quite often this was away from the audience view or out of microphone pickup.

..and Teller is working on a book

We’ll let you catch up on the questions if you register for EMC as towards the end of the interview Teller voice ironically was breaking up over the mobile phone.. but it was great to heard Tellers thoughts and views on the questions.

Luis promised to ask the remaining questions over another Skype call and add it to the DVD that each EMC registrant will get.

But it was quite strange watching Teller’s head (but no mouth) talking!

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