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FISM 2012 Blackpool – Artists and Lecturer Details.

April 13th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

FISM BLACKPOOL 2012, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF MAGICThe 25th FISM World championships of Magic will be held in Blackpool, England, form 9th to 14th July 2012.

Artistes that have now been confirmed to be appearing at the 2012 FISM include Boris Wild – France, Marc Oberon – England, Shoot Ogawa – U.S.A., Mark Mason – U.S.A., Jay Scott Berry – U.S.A., Kozmo -U.S.A., Rocco – U.S.A., Michael Weber – U.S.A., Henry Evans – Argentina, Cameron Frances – U.S.A., Joshua Jay – U.S.A., Jon Archer – England, Eberhard Reise – Germany, David Stone – France, Axel Hecklau – Germany, Michael Ammar – U.S.A., Matthew Johnson – Canada, Eric Jones – U.S.A., Sos and Victoria Petrosyan – Germany

Tony Chapek – U.S.A., Soma – Hungary, Frank Wilson – Holland, Dolphin Dancers, Clive Webb and Danny – England, Marc Oberon – England, Jon Archer – England, Victor Michaels – England, Ernesto Planas – Brazil, Han Seol Hui – Korea, Rocco – U.S.A., Greg Frewin – Canada, Stan Allen – U.S.A., Topas – Germany, Sabrina Fackelli and Gennady Kil – Germany, Amethyst – England, Jupiter – Hungary, Rafael – Belgium, Paolo Giua – Italy, Mike Caveney, Tina Lennart, Great Nardini, Richard McDougal. Plus 100 Stage Competitors and 50 Close-Up Competitors in the FISM World Championships.

Full information, and ticket bookings can be found on the main FISM Blackpool 2012 website