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International Magic Convention – David Berglas International Magic Award

August 23rd, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

“Who Will It Be?” is the question on everyone’s lips before the presentation of the David Berglas International Magic Award at The International Magic Convention each year . Always a closely guarded secret, previous recipients have included Uri Geller, David Copperfield, Juan Tamariz and Derren Brown all of whom, following the presentation, have opened themselves to questions from the Convention audience and provided an amazingly frank, illuminating and entertaining hour.

This year promises to be no different with the recipient being … well that would be telling. The only way to find out and be part of this amazing annual event is to be sure to be in the audience on the Sunday afternoon. The presentation closes the daytime events of the Convention which runs from the Friday evening to Sunday (November 16-18 2012) and this year features 7 lectures, 2 special stage shows, the close up competition, and two Gala Shows – one close up and one stage.

A full weekend of top notch magic, comedy and variety to satisfy even the most voracious of magical appetities, and as if that isn’t enough you even have a chance to have in-depth day ├é┬áseminars on your particular interests in magic at The Festival of Magic in the week leading up to the Convention. Full details and registrations available on The International Magic Convention website