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International Magic Convention – Joanie Spina Lecture and Seminar

July 21st, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Joanie SpinaInternational Magic Convention (November 16-18 2012 at The Mermaid Theatre, London) is very proud to announce that Joanie Spina will be joining us not only for a lecture at the weekend but also as one of the guest speakers on the previous Monday (November 12th) at the all-day seminar on Directions at The Bridewell Theatre.

As principal performer, choreographer, and artistic consultant to David Copperfield for eleven years, Joanie Spina redressed the ancient art of magic with the flair and calibre of Broadway and Hollywood productions, and in association with David raised the stature of magic to new heights. Her regular column in Magic magazine is an unmissable read with advice that’s worth its weight in gold.

During these two London appearances you will have the chance to see and hear Joanie as she explains and illustrates what it takes to raise your game. Jim Steinmeyer says

“When it comes to secrets, Joanie Spina is the secret weapon behind some of the most successful magicians of our generation. As a consultant and director, she makes ordinary magic extraordinary, and turns good performances into great performances. There’s no question about it, she’s the magician that great magicians depend upon.”

“But the most exciting part of Joanie’s visit” says Noel Britten, co-organiser of the Convention, “is that we will be able to offer personal and private artistic direction sessions with her in the week leading up to the Convention. You can take this rare opportunity to book a time slot with Joanie and receive her full attention as she works with any element of your performance that you desire. I strongly recommend that you visit her website www.joaniespina.com and read the plaudits that her work so richly deserves and then jump at this chance – I guarantee it will be money well-spent. Her attitude in development of an act or performance is nurturing and encouraging, and her warm and reassuring personality would make anyone feel comfortable enough to stretch themselves, take chances and improve their act beyond measure. I’ve seen her work with all types of performers from patter to silent, stage to close up and all have benefitted from her advice and guidance”

There are only a limited number of spaces available for this opportunity. Please contact noelbritten@talk21.com to book your time slot