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MINDvention 2012 adds Tony Chris, Christopher Taylor and Ross Johnson

June 14th, 2012 by Magic Convention Guide

Tony ChrisI want to give you a brief update and overview of the 2012 MINDvention mentalism convention taking place in Las Vegas from November 11-13th. We are working hard to make this year’s MINDvention a fascinating three days of learning, sharing and exploring the Art of Mentalism. Mentalism is really the purest form of magic that there is, and at MINDvention, we peel back the curtain on this fascinating art form.

We have just added three great presenters to our line-up. Tony Chris has been one of Canada’s top psychic entertainers for over 15 years. He has become one of mentalism and bizarre magic’s most avant-garde, artsy and captivating performers, and he will present his unique lecture “Beyond Magic, The Dark Side Of The Mind”, that will highlight his very insightful philosophies of mentalism and magic. It will change the way you think about performing, as a mentalist and magician, and how to present what you do as a performance artist.

The most important thing you will learn in Tony’s lecture is how to use mentalism as more than a form of mysterious entertainment. He will teach you his inner workings of how to become a better mentalist and performer and he will share his psychological theories on the art. You will learn a very different kind of mentalism here and it is definitely worth the price of admission!

Canadian mentalist Christopher Taylor has produced material for Chris Angel, David Copperfield, Marc Salem, Keith Barry, Andy Nyman and scores of other performers all over the world. While he is best known for the multitude of high-tech devices he has released through his company Taylor Imagineering, he has also created a great deal of excellent traditional mentalism and magic.
This material includes Outside the Conventional (2 DVD set); No Batteries Required (DVD); the eBook, The Poor Mage’s Billet System; and his two books, Inside Out and Unconventional. Christopher’s lecture will include electronic and new “low tech” material.

Lastly but by no means least is Ross Johnson. He has been hailed as one of the most gifted psychic performers of our time. He was unanimously voted as the world’s top entertainer in the areas of the psychic and arcane by the International Psychic Entertainers Association.
Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist…Ross Johnson is all of these things and more. He possesses a unique array of amazing gifts, along with a dapper, professional appearance and masterful showmanship skills. At business meetings, training seminars and conventions held by most of Fortune 500 companies across the nation, Ross has held audiences spellbound with his mastery of the psychic arts. Ross will be presenting a special talk created just for MINDvention on the late great Al Koran.

Some people wonder (especially magicians with little or no mentalism experience), if this convention would be good for them to attend. The easy answer is yes. MINDvention attracts attendees from all over the world and with different skill levels, from full time performing mentalists to people just starting to explore this most fascinating topic. If you have any interest in mentalism, than this is the place to be in November.

The events we offer are similar to what you might see at a magic convention… we have lectures, shows, dealers but we also have some events you won’t see elsewhere. We have Panel Discussions where top pros discuss and dissect various topics. We also have several attendee shows where people get the chance to perform their effects and routines for the whole crowd. And there is plenty of time for sessioning and cruising the latest and greatest effects and props in the dealer’s room.
We are assembling a roster of mentalism stars that is sure to make this a convention to remember.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at danny@dannyarcher.com. Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Danny Archer and Robert Allen
MINDvention Producers