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Justin Flom – Special Guest at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp 2013

May 1st, 2013 by Magic Convention Guide

Justin is PUMPED for camp this year:

Amidst rampant Facebook and Twitter speculation, Sorcerers Summer Safari Magic Camp just announced bringing in famed Las Vegas-based Magician Justin Flom as the special guest at Camp this summer.

With several best selling DVDs, a cover of IBM’s magazine and a ton of great unpublished ideas – Justin Flom has lots to offer the campers. Famous for his Ellen appearances, Justin Flom’s YouTube channel has also received international acclaim. The campers are going to love him!

The inspiration for asking Justin Flom to spend time at Sorcerers Safari, explained Mike Segal, owner of the performance art camp, “He simply loves magic and would be a perfect fit for camp and the kids.” Segal continued, “And there really is no better way to spend quality time immersed in the art of magic than with one of your heroes. Who doesn’t love Justin Flom? He’s awesome!”

The idea of having the ‘rising stars of magic’ as special guests at camp is always one of the hot debates at the annual executive staff meetings. Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp chooses only the best of the best to come up as their special guest. After unanimously agreeing Justin Flom was a perfect fit, they asked and he gladly accepted.

“Justin Flom is going to have a great time up here, and so are all the campers and staff. Imagine all of the experiences he can recount about performing for Ellen, having his own headlining show, filming world-wide acclaimed YouTube videos, and the rest of all the legendary things he’s done,” said Sorcerers Safari thirteen year veteran, Steven Kline. “This is going to be our sixteenth year in operation, and I can’t remember a time when I was so excited about a special guest like Justin Flom.”

Kline adds, “I met Justin Flom very early in his career and it’s nice to see him blossom into a powerful, artistic force. Having him at camp is a win-win for everyone. We welcome him to our camp family with open arms. Having Justin is like having a long-lost brother come up for the week. I love it!”

According to Mike Segal, Sorcerers Safari grows exponentially with a high rate of return campers and staff. With luck, Justin Flom will love camp so much, he too, will return every year.

Are you ages 8-18 or know someone who is and would benefit from a week at Sorcerers Safari? Learn more about attending Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp with Justin Flom this year: