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South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014 – The Evasons

September 3rd, 2013 by Magic Convention Guide

www.evason.com_images_evasons-8x10-1.pdf.pngIf you have never heard of the Evasons, you will – very soon. That’s because Jeff and Tessa Evason are coming to STIMF 2014 to perform their incredible brand of mind power, and it’s a show that generates a great deal of amazement – and enthusiasm.

Since 1983 the Evasons, who are based in Toronto and Annapolis, have astounded audiences the world over. Their performance is a mind-blowing repertoire of paranormal feats. Audiences react with wide-eyed wonder when Tessa and Jeff demonstrate their skills in ESP, telepathy, super memory, prediction, telekinesis and levitation.

This slick blend of interactive demonstration, comic relief and spellbinding entertainment is definitely not a magic show. There are no gimmicks, no wires, no hidden microphones. In fact, the Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise. The experience defies explanation. And maybe that’s why the crowds go wild at every show.
There’s never a dull moment for Jeff and Tessa, who spend much of their year on the road entertaining audiences at college or corporate events, theatres, cruises or casino showrooms.

They have also performed their acts to audiences in the millions through network television programs. On NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic V, they were called: “The finest act of its kind in the world,” while their performance on Fox’s Powers of the Paranormal was touted as: “The most amazing mind reading act you’ve ever seen.” In fact, the Discovery Channel hails them as:

“A new generation of mentalists.”

It’s no wonder that Siegfried & Roy named The Evasons their favourite act, awarding them the prestigious SARMOTI Award at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. They are a class act, recognized by their peers and fans alike as the finest mentalist duo in the world. Their stylish presentation and stunning showcase of talent has also earned them the distinction of being the Psychic Entertainers Association’s Performers Of The Year.

The South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014 takes place Fri 14th to Sun 16th March 2014

You can get more info by calling Karri Prinn on 0191 455 4031
Or email karri.prinn@southtyneside.gov.uk