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FISM 2009 – Thank You and Goodbye

July 31st, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

To all the winners, the hopefuls, those who competed, watched, read, blogged and enjoyed..

FISM 2009 is over.

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage, and we’d like to thank Craig Mitchell for his reports and photos, Andy Stone for his Photos and Reports, Tim Ellis for the updates and everyone else who kept us up to date.

Enjoy the memories of FISM 2009 and start looking forward to FISM 2012.. in the UK..

We will be bringing you all the coverage on that.. soon.

FISM 2009 – Final Show

July 31st, 2009 - Andy Stone

head balletThe compere for the final show of FISM 2009 was Mike Caveney, who reminisced about past FISMs and did his Coffee juggling bit. Mike did a difficult job really well.

It fell to Mark Oberon to open the show. He gave us a flawless performance of his act. I was sitting with some Canadians and even they thought so!

Shawn Farquhar followed with his routine we saw on Wednesday. I had to agree with the Canadians he was also flawless. I felt Marc had done more magic, but you never know what the judges want! Whatever the outcome Marc had done British Magic and The Magic Circle, who sponsored him proud.

In the event Shawn won. Whilst I felt sorry for Marc I’ve seen Shawn come second in Stockholm after a mishap with a card load, so maybe it was his night! I lost the 1 yen bet (about 10p) I had with my Canadian friends!

The stage contestants followed. Yo Kato from Japan manipulated thimbles and wands in a fast paced, crowd pleasing act.

Soma from Hungary performed his telephone act next with the amazing rewinding restored newspaper. He got a great audience reaction. Then it was the turn of Han Seol-Hui of Korea with his amazing manipulation of CDs. The two juries left the theater to deliberate. They must have had an extremely difficult job in both close up and stage.

To keep us all amused whilst the Juries deliberated Topas and Roxanne presented four of their quality routines. First Topaz appeared from the “inflatable man” as performed in Britain at the Magic Circle Centenary and Blackpool. He followed with two new routines to me. The first a nice floating keyboard effect that turned into a self levitation. The second was a routine where a paper bag and a light bulb traveled to a glass box on the stage. A volunteer signed the bag and she then set fire to it. It vanished in a flash, only to appear inside the light bulb, in the box! The bulb was broken to recover the bag and check the signature. Topaz closed with his excellent “give me just one more” loudspeaker production, ending with the production of Roxanne.

Some Chinese acrobats followed. This time two ballet dancers, if you imagine a ballerina on point, and now imagine her, on point, on her partner’s head and you get the idea!

Topaz and Roxanne returned, this time with an effect involving a shower of foam. Topaz lost his head and restored it and girls appeared in the foam. It was clever and original!
The awards were presented by a Chinese minister for culture, before another Chinese minister made a speech. Eric Eswin thanked people, declared the convention closed, invited us all to meet in Blackpool in three years time. The glitter guns were fired and FISM was over for another three years.

Good News for Britain that Marc Oberon is the World Champion of Parlour Magic and the next FISM will be in the UK! Sad that Marc didn’t quite get the Grand Prix

You can see the Stage Grand Prix winner at the British Ring Convention in Southport!

The Chinese have done an amazing job with FISM. I’m glad I came.

FISM 2009 – Grand Prix Winners

July 31st, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

Shawn Farquhar and Soma win FISM Grand Prix for Close Up and Stage respectively. Congratulations to both.

FISM 2009 – Final Day

July 31st, 2009 - Andy Stone

Rocco presented a one man show this morning which was tour de force. He began with a video, showing how his different acts had developed the for almost an hour and a half he performed his classic routines including water to ice cubes and appearing and vanishing glasses of liquid.

He then sat a table to perform a selection of Slydini’s magic, including the knotted silks. He closed with his water bowl routine and it was interesting to see how he and Jeff McBride had started with the same trick and gone in completely different directions! Other lectures on offer today are by Lennart Green, Rocco and Miguel Puga.

FISM 2009 – Congratulations Marc Oberon

July 31st, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

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We’d just like to congratulate the UK’s Marc Oberon on his new Title of FISM World Champion of Palour Magic. If you’ve seen Marc perform, you’ll know this is a well deserved title. Congratulations from everyone at the MagicConventionGuide.com team, and good luck for the Grand Prix!

FISM 2009 – Full Winners List

July 31st, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

The Full Awards are

Grand Prix Winners:

– Soma – Stage – Hungary
– Shawn Farquhar – Closeup – Canada

Comedy Magic
– 1st place … not awarded
– 2nd place … Brynolf & Ljung – Sweden
– 3rd place … Cheff Magic – Denmark

– 1st place … not awarded
– 2nd place … tie – Nicolai Friedrich – Germany – and Rob & Emiel – Netherlands
– 3rd place … Tony Montana – Argentina

Stage Illusions
– 1st place … Julius Franck – Germany
– 2nd place … Magic Sky Group – China
– 3rd place … not awarded

General Magic
– 1st place … Soma – Hungary
– 2nd place … Ma Yanyan – China
– 3rd place … Siebensinn – Austria

– 1st place … tie – Yo Kato – Japan – and Han Seol-Hui – Korea
– 2nd place … Sebastian Nicolas – Germany
– 3rd place … An Ha Lim – Korea

– Jorge Luengo – Spain

Most Original Act:
– Charming Choi – Korea

Micro Magic
– 1st place … not awarded
– 2nd place … Vittorio Belloni – Italy
– 3rd place … tie Simon Coronel – Australia and Johan Stahl – Sweden

– 1st place … Shawn Farquhar – Canada
– 2nd place … Kristian Nivala – Finland
– 3rd place … Olmac – France

Parlour Magic
– 1st place … Marc Oberon – UK
– 2nd place … Charlie Caper – Sweden
– 3rd place … Latko – Argentina