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FISM – 2009 Prizes and Winners

July 31st, 2009 - Andy Stone

FISM 2009 prizes were awarded this afternoon in Beijing.
Marc Oberon

The headline is that Marc Oberon, sponsored by The Magic Circle has won 1st prize in parlour magic (above). Marc was originally entered in the micro category, but FISM judges have the right to change a contestant’s category.

Second place parlour went to Sweden’s Charlie Capper and third prize to Latko from Argentina with his chessboard act.

In the card category 1st prize was awarded to Shawn Farquhar of Canada, 2nd to Kristian Nivala of Finland (who performed his card act to live piano accompaniment and 3rd prize to Olmac from France.

This means that tonight Shawn and Marc go head to head for the close up grand pix. Last time they met in a competition Marc won, so fingers crossed!

In the stage awards there was no first prize for comedy or mentalism. One competitor was disqualified for using a stooge, but we were not told who!

Stage Illusion was won by Julius Frack from Germany, who sadly cannot perform tonight as his assistant has injured her leg.

First Prize in General Magic went to Soma of Hungry. Meaning that there will be a FISM world champion at the British Ring Convention in September! 1st Prize Manipulation was a tie.

FISM Day Five – Social Banquet Show

July 30th, 2009 - Andy Stone

special awards

We once again enjoyed an amazing Chinese Banquet with dishes including “Deep Fried Grass Carp with Special Sauce” (very nice) and  “Browsed (SIC) Mushrooms with Abalone Sauce”. We ate our food accompanied by a military band playing music from FISM member counties.

The entertainment comprised an amazing girl group that danced, sang and played electric violins and other instruments, a tenor, a soprano, a pas de dues and two acrobatic performances. The first was an acrobatic plate spinning group and the second a “handstand group” where 2 men walked up and down stairs on their heads and hands!

Between the food and the cabaret the FISM Special Awards were handed out. Creativity was won by Jim Steinmyer and collected on his behalf by Mike Caveney. History was won by Bill Kalush who runs the Conjuring Arts Research Center and the “Ask Alexander” website. It was collected by Richard Kaufman on his behalf. The final award winner was able to collect his award in person. The Philosophy award went to Juan Tamariz a decision loudly welcomed by the Spanish delegates. The awards were announced by Max Maven and handed out by FISM President Eric Eswin.

As we walked into the dinner we were able to watch Marc Oberon rehearsing with the TV crew for tomorrow’s final, on the closed circuit TV system, so it looks like Marc is in with a chance of winning the Grand Prix. The official results and competitors for the Grand Prix will be announced tomorrow at 1200 local time.

FISM Day Five, Competition

July 30th, 2009 - Andy Stone

Qu LeiDay 5 of FISM 2009 started at 0830 with the final round of the stage competition. The first act was the only entry from the USA, Andost performed a magic competition act with coloured light bulbs and table lamps.

We saw 6 manipulators, two of whom chose to manipulate CDs. Han Seol-Hui from Korea registered well with the fast paced act we saw at Blackpool and got a standing ovation. Jordan Gomez from France also registered well when he performed his CD manipulation a few acts later.

Among the novelty acts was a particularly well dressed tramp from Spain who built a doll from discarded rubbish, which came to life and a Russian who produced a his own circus tent and then juggled. We saw two quick change acts. A pleasant act from Finland was somewhat outclassed by a Chinese magician who changed costume several times, whilst producing parasols. She produced some of the parasols with her feet!

Soma from Hungary registered well in the General Magic category with his mobile phone act. His “rewound” torn and restored newspaper got a particularly strong reaction. Soma is appearing at the British Ring Convention in Southport.

The final act of the 2009 FISM stage competition was “The Prince of Darkness” from Germany in the comedy category, one of only two acts in that category. He did a blindfold routine and booktest, whilst dressed as a vampire. He was “flashed off”!

Today’s lecture offerings were from Topas, Henry Evans and Shoot Ogawa. In the afternoon the FISM general assembly met to decide where FISM 2012 will be held. The only bid on the table was from Blackpool Magician’s Club. Derek Lever made a good pitch and overwhelming majority endorsed the Blackpool bid. I attended the General Assembly as representative of both the British Ring and The Magic Circle and as instructed, cast the block of votes from both societies in Blackpool’s favor.

The result was announced at tonight’s “Social Banquet Show”.

FISM Day Five – Stage Competition

July 30th, 2009 - Craig Mitchell

Han Seol-HuiThe end is in sight as we continue our search for FISM greatness.

highlights were Soma, earning a well deserved standing ovation, along with Han Seol-Hui who also wowed the audience.

138 acts down.. tomorrow brings the finals, and the titles of the World Championships.

You can read Craigs view and reports of the acts today below. (more…)

FISM 2012 – Blackpool Team Celebrate

July 30th, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

Blackpool Team

We are obviously extremely excited that Blackpool is now confirmed as the 2012 FISM venue, and that FISM will be coming to the UK. We have heard that the event will be using the Winter Gardens, the Tower, Circus and the Grand Theatre facilities.

The decision was confirmed at the FISM general assembly this afternoon and announced this evening at the banquet. Early registration cost is 450 Euros. We’ve already got it in our diary!!

Full details will be available on www.blackpoolmagic.com we will also be fully supporting Blackpool in the run up to 2012, and talking to the team on their arrival back.

You can already register for 2012 by emailing arthurcasson@aol.com or via:

ARTHUR CASSON – Registration Officer : + 44 (0) 1253 393688
44 Bryan Rd, Blackpool, Lancs, England. FY3 9BE

FISM Day Five – Farquhar and Oberon in Finals ?

July 30th, 2009 - Magic Convention Guide

We have heard that Shawn Farquhar and the UK’s Marc Oberon are in the finals of the Grand Prix contest tomorrow.

A glitch in the in-house TV system resulted in their entire rehearsal being broadcast throughout the convention centre – ruining the surprise of the announcement and making for an impromptu lecture dvd 😉