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Full FISM 2012 Winners and Performer Scores

July 18th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

FISM WINNERSBLACKPOOL 2012FISM have released the official score sheet for the 2012 World Championships of Magic in Blackpool.

The score sheet details each performers score from the judges, and highlights performers who achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well as special awards.

It also makes it clear why there was, again, no 1st place for Mentalism.

You can download the full FISM 2012 winners and scores here

FISM 2012 Winners and Awards

July 14th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

FISM 2012 Winners
Grand Prix stage – Yu Ho Jin
Grand Prix close up – Yann Frisch

1st Place – General magic – Marko Karvo – Finland

2nd Place – General Magic – les chapeaux blancs – France

2nd Place – General Magic – Won Keun Ha – Korea

3rd Place – General Magic – Ta na manga – Portugal

Most Original in Stage – Ted Kim

1st Place – comedy magic – Doble Mandoble – Belgium

2nd Place – comedy magic – Mikael szaniel – France

3rd Place – comedy magic – Jean-phlippe Loupi – France


1st place – Manipulation – Yu Ho Jin – Korea

2nd place – Manipulation – Lukas – Korea

3rd place – Manipulation – Kim hyun joon – Korea


1st place – parlor – Yann Frisch – France

2nd place – parlor – Matthew Wright – England

2nd place – parlor – Johan Stahl – Sweden

3rd – parlor- pierric – Switzerland


1st place cards – Jan Logemann – Germany

2nd place cards – Patrick Lehnen – Germany

3rd place cards – Zeki Yoo – Korea


1st place micro magic – Andost – USA

2nd place micro magic – Jaque – Spain

3rd place micro magic – Red Tsai – Taiwan

3rd place micro magic – Vittorio Belloni – Italy


1st place illusions – Marcel Prince of illusions – Netherlands

2nd place illusions – Cubic act – France

3rd place illusions – Guy Barett – England


1st place Mentalism – Not Awarded

2nd place mentalism – Kristoph Kuch – Germany

3rd place mentalism – Christian Bichof – Switzerland


Invention Award – Tango – Argentina

Most Original in Close-up – Simon Coronel – Australia

Creativity and artistic vision – Teller

History, research and scholarship – Mike Caveney

Theory – Eugene Burger

Honorary president of FISM – Eric Eswin

FISM 2015 Hosting awarded to Italy, Rimini

July 14th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

Fism 2015 Italy
FISM have just announced that Italy has been awarded the hosting of FISM 2015 and the 26th FISM world championships of Magic will be hosted in Rimini from 6th to 11th July 2015.

the bidbook for the Italian bid for FISM 2015 makes impressive reading

They also state in their bid that they will be assigning the artistic direct of the event to Masters of Magic, who have organised the last two Saint-Vincent Magic Conventions, Walter Rolfo as President of the Organising committee, and Arturo Brachetti as the director of the event.

Blackpool FISM 2012 Dealers

June 27th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide


The official list of dealers appearing at FISM 2012 in Blackpool have been released. FISM 2012 takes place July 9th – 14th in Blackpool, England. further details and registration information can be found at the main FISM 2012 website.

This years dealers include:

Alakazam Magic, Albion Magic, Andy Magic International, Aprende Magia.Cl, Ariston, Arsene Lupin Magic, Arteco Production, Artishow, Astor Magic, Axel Hecklau, Axtell Expressions Inc,

B.D.L.I., Bastrakov’s Magic, Big Blind Media, Bill Magic, BL, Black Cat Magic, Boris Wild, Brinum-X,

Cameron Francis, Caramba, Card-Shark Christian Schenk, Castle Magical Services, Chad Long, Charles Gauci Magic, Cups And Balls,

Daba Products, Davenports Magic Kingdom Ltd, Discount Magic Co. Ltd, Dtrik,

Eddie Gibson, Eddy’s Magic, El Cubilete, Ellusionist.Com, Eric Jones, Essential Magic Collection,

Five Of Heartsmagic, Full 52 Productions,

Gician Magic, Greg Wilson,

Hakan Varol, Hanky Panky Toys, Harries Magic, Harry Robson Magic Ltd, Henry Evans Magic, Hocus Pocus, Hong Kong Magic Industry Association, House Of Magic,


Jay Scott Berry, J.B. Magic, Jie Li Magic Supplies Co, Joker Magic, Jupiter,

Kaymar Magic Company, Kikuchi Magic, Kovari Magic, Kreis Corporation,

Labcomagic, Le Major Banks, Lewis Davenport Ltd, Losander Inc,

Magic Artist, Magic Box, Magic Dream, Magic Land, Magic Magazine, Magic Museum, Magic Smith, Magic Wagon, Magic Zoom Entertainment, Magicaplanet, Magicagora, Magictricks Ltd, Majic Brand Woodturning, Mansworld Uk Ltd, Marc Oberon, Marc Antoine Productions, Markku Purho, Martin Andersen, Mephisto – The Magic Hands, Merlins, Michael Ammar, Mysco Magic,

Natzler Enterprises, Near Miracles,

P A Promotions Ltd, Paul Harris Presents, Patrick Page Magic, Pegani, Playtime Balloons, Practical Magic, Professional Magic, Progetto Magia, Promystic,

R.S.V.P, Razamatazz Magic, Red Corner Stage Props,, Reel Magic Magazine, Rhod Magic, Romantica Jewels,

Select Magic, Selim, Semba, Seo Magic, Shi Jiazhuang David Magic Props, Shoot Ogawa, Siam Magic Company, Sikder Group, Soma Magic, Sos Entertainments, Spider, Spontus Creations, Stephen Tucker Magic,

Tango Magic, Taylor Imagineering, The Card Collection, The Crazy Owl, The Magic Trick Shop Ltd, The Magic Workshop, The Master Of Mystery, Tony Curtis Magic, Trevor Duffy Magic Products, Twister Magic,


Vanishing Inc.,

Weber Inc, Wladimir, World Magic Shop,

Yigal Mesika Magic,

Zanes Magic Shop

FISM 2012 Delegate Packs

May 28th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

FISM 2012 BagFISM 2012 is fast approaching and the Blackpool Magicians’ Club club have said that they have been extremely busy in preparation.

The FISM bag that each registrant will receive will be crammed full of goodies – including a Jack Hughes World of Magic compilation hard backed 230 page book priced at £150.00, a limited edition Magical Cooper Bear, a large colour Souvenir Programme, a box of Hanky Panky Magic Tricks. Plus one lucky registrant will receive a genuine £6,500 diamond to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

FISM 2012 in Blackpool takes place 9th-14th July 2012 full details and booking information can be found on the Official FISM 2012 website

FISM 2012 Contestant List

May 10th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

FISM BLACKPOOL 2012, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF MAGICThe Official List of FISM 2012 competitors has been released, featuring 98 stage acts from 28 countries and 55 Close-up acts from 26 countries.

Download the Official FISM 2012 Contestant list from the FISM website.

FISM Blackpool 2012 takes place 9th – 14th July 2012, Blackpool. UK. More information and registration can be found on the FISM Blackpool 2012 website.