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International Magic Convention and Festival – The more you watch, the less you pay!

October 20th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

With a sliding scale of prices which means you could see each show for just £5, the full line up for the Festival of Magic evening shows has now been announced. Each evening from Monday 12th to 15th there will be TWO great different magic shows at The Bridewell Theatre, Blackfriars, London each evening with a range of genres and performing styles to please the most jaded of magic palates.

MondayRob James: Magicana and Morgan and West: Time Travelling Magicians

TuesdayWoody Aragon: Bald Faced Liar and Oliver Meech : When Magic and Science Collide

WednesdayChris Cox : Fatal Attraction and Ian Rowland’s One Man Show

ThursdayJavier Jarquin: Card Ninja and Luke Jermay: Psychic Cabaret

A great chance to see some of the top five star rated shows from Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Las Vegas right in the heart of London. The Bridewell Theatre will also be hosting the individual day seminars of the Festival of Magic (Monday – Directions and Showmanship, Tuesday – Cards, Wednesday – Mentalism, Thursday – Perception and Deception, Friday – Comedy Magic). Full details of all prices and full line up for the week including Juan Tamariz, Richard Wiseman, Arthur Benjamin and Anthony Owen amongst many many others at http://www.internationalmagic.com/acatalog/Convention_registration.html

International Magic Convention and Festival Tickets Selling Fast

September 12th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

International Magic ConventionMove quickly! Tickets are selling fast for both the International Magic Convention and Festival and you’re already too late for both Juan Tamariz’s one man show and Joanie Spina’s one to one sessions which now have sold out completely and waiting lists having been created for both. Not that means you can’t get to see both of them during the rest of the Festival and Convention with Joanie lecturing at the Directions day of the Festival (Monday 12th November 2012) and during the Convention on Sunday morning (18th November 2012). Juan will be giving an extended lecture during the Convention on the Sunday afternoon.

Added to the Gala Show line- up is Lukas. This fantastic manipulator, a recent FISM award winner is reviewed in the current Magic with these words, “What we’d witnessed was manipulation in it’s purest form. The silence in the vast auditorium was deafening as we witnessed technical skill slowed down so precisely, so beautifully that we were convinced we were seeing something very special indeed. During the ecstatic standing ovation, the magician to my right whispered “That looked like real magic”. He was right.” Your chance to see him will be in the Gala Show repeated on the Saturday and Sunday evenings at the Mermaid Theatre. Registration details on www.internationalmagic.com

International Magic Convention – David Berglas International Magic Award

August 23rd, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

“Who Will It Be?” is the question on everyone’s lips before the presentation of the David Berglas International Magic Award at The International Magic Convention each year . Always a closely guarded secret, previous recipients have included Uri Geller, David Copperfield, Juan Tamariz and Derren Brown all of whom, following the presentation, have opened themselves to questions from the Convention audience and provided an amazingly frank, illuminating and entertaining hour.

This year promises to be no different with the recipient being … well that would be telling. The only way to find out and be part of this amazing annual event is to be sure to be in the audience on the Sunday afternoon. The presentation closes the daytime events of the Convention which runs from the Friday evening to Sunday (November 16-18 2012) and this year features 7 lectures, 2 special stage shows, the close up competition, and two Gala Shows – one close up and one stage.

A full weekend of top notch magic, comedy and variety to satisfy even the most voracious of magical appetities, and as if that isn’t enough you even have a chance to have in-depth day  seminars on your particular interests in magic at The Festival of Magic in the week leading up to the Convention. Full details and registrations available on The International Magic Convention website

International Magic Convention – Larger Extended Dealer Area and Parlour Performance Area

August 17th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

The Mermaid Theatre Complex has recently undergone something of a renovation and extension which means that International Magic are very happy to announce that during the International Magic Convention later this year (November 16-18 2012)  the Dealers will now all be situated in the extended Newgate Suite.

Not only will this allow easier access from the theatre between events, but also the new space will allow the Convention to feature even more dealers than in the past, alongside a new extra room where Michael Vincent will be performing short Parlour type performances before the Gala Show on Saturday and Sunday night. Alongside Michael’s performance there will be, as always, strolling close up performers and with the foyer space of the theatre also being doubled in size during the building work, even more room to enjoy the pre-show entertainment.

Convention co-organiser Noel Britten says “We’ve always considered we have the best facilities of any of the all-round UK Conventions in terms of the theatre for lectures, close up and stage but the dealers have always been tucked away slightly and a bit of a walk towards the back of the building, now that has all changed, and for us as a venue choice it has added the cherry to the top of the cake”

International Magic Convention and Festival – Schedule of Events

August 11th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

The International Magic Convention and Festival of Magic schedule has now been released.

The Convention takes place at The Mermaid Theatre (November 16-18 2012), with the festival of magic taking place at the Bridewell Theatre, Bride Lane Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ (November 12th- 17th 2012)

Schedule Of Events For The London Festival Of Magic: All The Below Festival Events Take Place At The Bridewell Theatre, Bride Lane Fleet Street, London Ec4Y 8Eq

Doors Open 10.30am for 11am start Doors Open 7pm for 7.30pm start
Monday 12th November DIRECTIONS
Joanie Spina, Andy Nyman, Richard McDougall
Rob James – Magicana
Second Show To be Announced
Tuesday 13th November CARD MAGIC
Woody Aragon, Michael Vincent, Will Houstoun, Vincent Hedan
Woody Aragon
Second Show To be Announced
Wednesday 14th November MENTALISM
Chris Cox, Ian Rowland, Luke Jermay, Joe Atmore, Vincent Hedan
MENTALISM Shows;Chris Cox – Fatal Distraction
Ian Rowland
Thursday 15th November PERCEPTION & DECEPTION
Richard Wiseman, Pete Lamont, Arthur Benjamin
Luke Jermay
Second Show To Be Announced
Friday 16th November COMEDY MAGIC
Stephen Bargatze, Juan Tamariz, Rick Merrill, Neal Austin
See Convention Schedule below
Saturday 17th November JUAN TAMARIZOne Man Show

Schedule Of Events For The 41St International Magic Convention: All The Below Festival Events Take Place At The Mermaid Theatre, Puddle Dock, London Ec4Y 3Db

Friday 16th November See The London Festival of Magic Doors Open 6.30 for 7pm start:
19:30-20:30 Dunninger Radio Show Recreation
20:45-21:45 Jeff McBride Lecture
22:00-23:00 Comedy Mentalism Show
Saturday 17th November Doors open 9.30am, first event 10am
10:30-13:30 Close Up Competition
14:00-15:00 Stephen Bargatze Lecture
15:30-16:30 Eric Mead Lecture
17:00-18:00 Simon Drake Lecture
Doors open 6pm for 7.30pm start
International Magic & Variety Show (performance 1)
Sunay 18th November Doors open 10am, first event 10.30am
DEALERS OPEN ALL DAY10:30-11:30 Joanie Spina Lecture
12:00-12:15 Close Up Comp Award
12:15-13:30 Close Up Gala with Eric Mead, Stephen Bargatze, Rick Merrill, Woody Aragón
13:45-14:45 Rick Merrill Lecture
15:00-16:30 Juan Tamariz Lecture
17:00-18:00 David Berglas Award to ??
Doors open 6pm for 7.30pm start
International Magic & Variety Show (performance 2)

You can read further news and updates on this years International Magic Convention as well as registering for the convention and festival at the International Magic website.

International Magic Convention – Close Up Competition Competitors

August 9th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

If you are thinking of entering The Close Up Competition at this years International Magic Convention (November 16-18 2012, The Mermaid Theatre, London) now is the time to apply via georgia@internationalmagic.com who can also provide you with the outlines and rules for the event.

There are three cash prizes of £1000, £500 and £100 and a further three Awards of Merit. The Competition is always a keenly anticipated event at the Convention and takes place on the Saturday morning, with the various prizes being announced and awarded on the Sunday.

The lucky winner also receives an invitation to attend the FFFF Convention in America as well, which, as this event now is by invitation only and has a long waiting list for possible attendees, is considered worth more than the cash and the trophy by some of the past winners.