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The Blackpool Hotel – Blackpool

This year I stayed at The Blackpool Hotel, which used to be called the Kenbarry. The only good thing i can say about this hell hole is that its about 20 yards from The Ruskin.

The service is terrible from arrival to leaving. I had to try and persuade the waitress to bring me a plate for toast and she wasn’t keen on bringing me a glass of water. Everything was stone cold at breakfast and she had no interest in my complaints and suggested I was lying.

The bedroom was absolutely tiny, bed clothes were covered in stains, the shower head couldn’t be moved so was only good for midgets and the room was freezing at night. On the first night I had to go at 3am and beg a toilet roll from a friends room because the room didnt have any.

No internet, no parking and more expensive than many at £30 per person per night.

Total sty. Avoid unless you are a masochist.

Noel Qualter