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Traveller’s Rest Hostel, Bolton Street – Blackpool

The good – For all of us it was first time in Blackpool and for many first time in UK. Our hostel manager Pete was very kind. We came early friday morning, at 7.00am and our rooms were ready and clean. We were only group in that hostel – 15 people. We get keys from main doors as well. Somebody was walking 7mins to Winter Gardens, older ones 15mins. Beds were nice, we had hot water, towels, kettle, coffee. Breakfast was also good. We also enjoyed club-room with sofas, satellite T.V. and wifi

The Bad – Through Friday morning we had problem with heating, but for night it was ready. Saturday, heating in one room wasn’t working at all. Tullamore helped out. Showers were small, in one water didn’t run out, the other one was old and looked dirty.

We spent only few hours per day there, so real budget saver.
Rate 72%, £15 per night

Pavel Dvorak, Czech