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Luke Jermay Interview

How old were you when you first went to a magic convention and what are your memories of it?

Luke Jermay: I was very, very young. It was the International Magic Convention in London, possibly at around the age of 10. My over whelming memory of it is Gary Kurtz. He seemed really arrogant and had no interest in speaking to anyone.

Other than that being very fooled by Bob Read. His bottle production fried me.

Do you enjoy going to magic conventions? If so, what is your favorite part?

Luke Jermay: I do enjoy going to conventions and try to make an effort to attend them as much as possible.

My favorite part of a convention is without question the ‘catching’ up with old friends. Magic is such an international community that having a collection of your friends from around the world in one place really is a rarity and is rare outside of a magic convention.

Q: Who is your favorite lecturer?

Luke Jermay: Hard question to answer I have several each for different reasons. I love watching Andy Nyman lecture. I think he teaches his material with real passion and always enjoys the process of lecturing. This is really infectious in his presentation and really helps his audiences to enjoy the lecture and learn a little about Andy as a person.

I also really enjoy watching Pat Page lecture. I think he has some great ideas and his lectures are always solid and jam packed with material.

Banachek always gives a great lecture, as does Rick Maune.

Hard to pick one lecture out above the other to be honest.

Which 5 magicians would lecture at your dream convention?

Luke Jermay: Tony Cordinda, Chan Canasta, Joseph Dunninger, Appollo Robbins, Teller

Which magician would you have loved to see lecture but never had the chance?

Luke Jermay: Dunninger, Jennings, Vernon, Miller and Fogel.

You are living in the US now. What are you up to?

Luke Jermay: Being all American and stuff. I now sleep while you people in the UK are awake and am awake while your sleeping, something about ‘time difference’ or some nonsense.

I also sweat a lot. It’s very hot here in Las Vegas.

In the last couple of years I’ve seen your name on the credits of quite a few magicians shows such as Derren Brown and Criss Angel. Do you plan on doing more consulting for other performers?

Luke Jermay: No. Not really. Maybe the odd bit here and there if the project is exciting.

Do you plan to lecture to magicians again in the future?

Luke Jermay: Not in a great hurry. Maybe at some of the smaller mentalism conventions.

Do you plan on releasing more material to the magic/mentalism community in the future? If so, can you give us any clues as to what’s in the pipeline?

Luke Jermay: I have a new book that will be released very soon. Stay tuned.


About Luke Jermay…Luke Jermay is originally from Essex, UK but now lives and works in Las Vegas as a mindreader. He has published a lot of acclaimed material to the magic and mindreading community and has consulted with the biggest names in the industry such as Derren Brown, Criss Angel and Marco Tempest. Interview by Noel Qualte