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Meet the team

Andrew Webb

Andrew is a ‘technical alchemist’, and loves magic, he wants to share his love of magic with the rest of the world, he’d like to go to more conventions, this is a way to enjoy the conventions he cant get to. He is a Member of The Magic Circle and also is one of the webmasters for The Magic Circle Website, runs the Home Counties Magical Society Website, and runs his own Blog (that sometimes features Magic). Andrew has also been involved with iTricks

Andy Reay
Staff Writer

Andy is a writer and magic consultant.  He has been involved in magic, one way or the other for the past 25 years. He’s one of our main team and resident staff writer. You will find him on magic forums such as The Magic Woods.  Andy tells it like it is, and is always up for a challenge.

Richard Morrell
Live Writer
Richard has been a keen amateur magician for over twenty years, starting as a Humberside Young Magician, he now runs the workshop, teaching 10-16 year olds, as well as being an active member of Hull Magicians’ Circle. Specialising in card magic, but he likes to watch any form of the art, and will have a go at performing most things.

Richard has written for The Oracle as well as Abracadabra and Genii magazine. He is most at home combining his love of the Internet with his love of Magic, over eight years ago he started what may have been the world’s first Magic themed blog. Now among the new crop of magic blogs, The Magician is still going strong, and recently it gained a sister-blog Watching Magic. Richard can be found at most of the major conventions either hunched over a pack of cards, or a laptop!

Noel Qualter

London Based Table Magician
Noel is a professional close up magician from London and likes going to magic conventions…a lot. His favourite film is Sister Act 2 – Back in the Habit. He gave birth to The Magic Convention Guide, we like him.

Monster Creations

The creative folks at Monster Creations are behind the look and feel of the site. They will be keeping it shiny and pretty. They claim to have never been to a magic convention… we are not so sure. He paints copydex on his body then peels it off when it’s dry.

Andi Gladwin
Consultant and contributor

Close-Up Magician Andi Gladwin
Tip top magic creator. Loves magic conventions and card tricks.
Andi will be reporting on some of the magic events that he attends. He prefers consonants to vowels. He writes fantastic books.

Ash and Willow, the Magic Convention Guide Cats..
Competition Judges, and General Cool Dudes..

Ash and Willow are the Magic Convention Guide Cats, and their word is final..

They handle all the random draws and competitions with feline like prowess and commitment.

If there’s a screwed up ball of paper with a name on it to be chosen.. they are your guy’s..

Nothing comes between them and chasing a few hundred balls of paper round the floor to pick a winner.

Totally uncorruptable, totally focused, they don’t have a clue why, but it all looks like fun to them..

They also sometime help with the mountains of mail we get!!

Wanna join the team?
We SPECIFICALLY need USA and more UK based contacts to help us cover conventions..
Email: info@magicconventionguide.com

No cats required!