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International Magic Convention – Close Up Competition Competitors

August 9th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

If you are thinking of entering The Close Up Competition at this years International Magic Convention (November 16-18 2012, The Mermaid Theatre, London) now is the time to apply via georgia@internationalmagic.com who can also provide you with the outlines and rules for the event.

There are three cash prizes of £1000, £500 and £100 and a further three Awards of Merit. The Competition is always a keenly anticipated event at the Convention and takes place on the Saturday morning, with the various prizes being announced and awarded on the Sunday.

The lucky winner also receives an invitation to attend the FFFF Convention in America as well, which, as this event now is by invitation only and has a long waiting list for possible attendees, is considered worth more than the cash and the trophy by some of the past winners.

Eddie Dawes – IBM Convention – History of Mystery – Will Houstoun, Bryan Baggs and Walt Lees

August 8th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

Eddie DawesDetails of the Eddie Dawes (photo) History of Mystery part of the IBM British Ring Convention (Great Yarmouth 26th – 30th September 2012) have just been announced. The first speaker will be Will Houstoun (current editor of The Magic Circular), in a talk entitled “King Koko and the Magic Playlet” detailing how short magical playlets became popular amongst magical illusionists.

Following on comes Bryan Baggs with “Positive Aspects of Goldin”. From Horace Goldin’s (known as “The Whirlwind Wizard”) first appearance in Britain in 1902 he made enormous contributions to magic extending to a forty year period. He created illusions including the visible sawing in half and was a superb close up worker. He was popular with magicians and Bryan, a great admirer of Goldin will consider all these attributes during his section.

Finally, well known award winning magician, magic editor, author and one time pitchman Walt Lees takes to the stage. Using the latter description he focuses on experiences and psychological approaches used during his time of peddling Svengali Decks. Entitled appropriately “Selling Svengalis” will bring the very interesting 2012 History of Mystery to a close.

The event takes place at the Hollywood Cinema on Saturday 29th September at 2.15pm.

Geoffrey Newton PRO

Announcing The Session 2013 – Jay Sankey, Simon & Ginny Aronson, Yoann Fontyn and John Archer

August 8th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

Jay SankeyIt’s time to announce the line up for The Session 2013! Every year previously has sold out, so to avoid disappointment, you should really register for the Session right now!

The Session will take place 12th-13th January 2013, at the Thistle Hotel, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham GL51 0TS

The line-up the organisers have in store for you is, frankly, hard for to believe. With several overseas guests making their first appearance in the UK. And they have convinced two highly visible, respected magicians to appear at a convention doing something new, that they have never exhibited before.

To start the run up for this years Session 2013, the organisers have announced, Simon and Ginny Aronson (USA), Jay Sankey (Canada), Yoann Fontyn (France) and John Archer (UK)

As always, the entire line-up wont be announced at once, so check often for updates. One other piece of advice. If you attended last year, you know that the Session is at capacity. This means that when they sell out (and they will sell out), you’ll miss your chance for one of the best UK magic conventions

NOW is the time to register for The Session 2013

We’ll be bringing you all the news and updates from The Session Convention,  as well as the main Session Convention Website

EMC 2012 – You Can Still Join In And Watch The Conference On-Demand

August 5th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

If you missed EMC live, you can still catch up and watch online right now for only $99 (75 Euros).

Can I still register for EMC2012 ? Of course! It is not too late to register for the Essential Magic Conference. All the sessions are now online for on-demand viewing. 3 Days of Magic featuring 40 of the world’s leading performers, creators and thinkers in magic.

Subscribe now and receive online access for one year. You will also receive a box set of 8 DVDs containing videos of all the sessions and bonus materials. The DVDs will be on sale later in the year for $150. This is your chance to get them for free!

More than 16 hours of magic. Tricks, explanations, performances, theory and business from an amazing array of international magicians.

If you haven’t registered yet. You can still register after the conference, and catch up on the sessions we’ve been talking about on demand. Just head over to the main EMC page and register now.

If you’re still not convinced you can see all our coverage and review of EMC 2012 LIVE as it happened over the three days here

We are once again proud to be an EMC media partner. You can read all our reporting (both the really short summaries and the speaker by speaker posts) in our Essential Magic Conference coverage

Simon Drake – International Magic Convention – Lecture and Gala Show Performance

July 30th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

Simon DrakeInternational Magic are thrilled to announce that Simon Drake will be giving his first ever live lecture at their annual Convention later this year at The Mermaid Theatre (November 16-18 2012).

Simon has been at the forefront of magic developments over the last twenty three years from his creation and starring role in the ground breaking TV series, ‘The Secret Cabaret’ where his dark, Grand Guignol presentations stood out dramatically from the other glossy packaged magic shows, to the creation of his own venue the ‘The House of Magic‘ where audiences are fully immersed in an evening of enchanting magic and original illusions set in his fantasy world of mystery and intrigue.

Noel Britten, who co-organises the Convention says

“His full-time involvement with this unique, magical venue has kept Simon below the magical radar for the last few years. If you do not know of his work I’d suggest you check out some of his beautifully macabre routines he performed with Iron Maiden

and his more classy, timeless work:

Alongside his lecture where Simon will be tipping some of the secrets of his signature effects, he will also be performing a short special guest spot in the Gala Show – two more reasons – as if appearances by Juan Tamariz, Eric Mead, Jeff McBride and Joanie Spina aren’t enough! – that will make this weekend unmissable.”

You can read further news and updates on this years International Magic Convention as well as registering for the convention and festival at the International Magic website

EMC 2012 – David Berglas Closes and Farewell to EMC

July 29th, 2012 - Magic Convention Guide

Essential Magic Conference
David Berglas, international man of mystery spoke about EMC, on the eve of Davids Birthday, he congratulated the entire team on their vision.

David conveyed to the team what I believe every registrant was thinking.

A stunning three incredible days, and three incredible years

Essential Magic Conference

Luis had one more trick… panning round an empty room at Studio 33, before joining the speakers outside to watch a final musical farewell from EMC 2012

Essential Magic Conference

Essential Magic Conference

If you haven’t registered yet. You can still register during the conference, and catch up on the sessions we’ve been talking about on demand.

Just head over to the main EMC page and register now.

We are once again proud to be an EMC media partner. You can read all our reporting (both the really short summaries and the speaker by speaker posts) in our Essential Magic Conference coverage

Essential Magic Conference