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Aaron Fisher Lecture – Blackpool Convention 2007

Aaron Fisher is a smart man who realises that lectures appear to be based on edutainment more than anything these days. It’s not enough to simply impart theory, technique and plot ideas – a magic lecture also needs to be wrapped up with entertaining banter. Fisher has a tonne of energy, a clear speaking voice, some funny bits and is a fantastic teacher; an excellent combination for a lecturer in this day and age.

He taught something for everybody interested in card magic and effortlessly held everyone’s attention. This is something that many lecturers fail to do, so Aaron should certainly be applauded.

Aaron taught a routine called “Search and Destroy” which is based on the Jennings “Searchers.” Fisher’s routine is within the range of even basic card magicians with no sleight of hand and only a small amount of spectator management required. This may well enter into many magician’s repertoires.

He also touched on his handling of the hoary Half Pass – a move that most magicians fumble through. For most, the last word in Half Passes was the Christ Twist, but Fisher argued that this looked a bit cosy with too much care taken to square the deck.

Fisher displayed his excellent technique which relies on subtlety, gravity and pivot points more than brute force. His handling is imperceptible and he demonstrated several routines that make great use of it. For a real teach-in on the move, it is highly recommended that students read his book, The Paper Engine.

Fisher also showcased his handling of the Bluff Pass which is another move that sees very little attention from card men. One of those was his handling of the Inversion plot which looks visually stunning but only requires intermediate card handling. Many people followed along with cards in hand with a good success rate.

For many, this lecture was the highlight of the entire convention. I can definitely see why!


About the author…Noel Qualter is a professional close-up magician who works at corporate events, private parties all over London and the South East.