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David Roth Lecture – Blackpool 2007

When I was asked to write about something I saw at Blackpool that appealed to me, I excitedly said I’d write about the David Roth lecture. It was an easy choice, as this is my year of the coin in magic. I rushed up to the Spanish hall, to hopefully get as close a seat as I could to the front, knowing how these lectures can be standing room only.

However to my delight there were quite a few empty seats. How could this be? The main man in coin magic, so I was told, not packed to the rafters? The lecture itself pointed to the simple reason. It was too good. Too good, I hear you cry. How condescending.

Well not really. This was a refreshing lecture which looked at the finer points of coin magic and handling with Roth demonstrating moves that were not followed by the usual cry of, ‘Actually this is quite easy and anyone can do it if you buy my..’ Instead he said that the moves were difficult and required practice.

Finally, a lecture with more to it than a cheap gimmick. Not that he didn’t have merchandise to sell like his fantastic Okito and Boston box set which sold out in minutes and Roth’s Rosin, a waxy substance for rubbing into the sides of the coins to help with palming.He talked about his thoughts of coins across and went into depth about palming and was able to classic palm with the hand flat on the table, which he mentioned might take a little practice.

He performed a version of the Vernon/Mora Balls and Net routine with some outrageously difficult moves there, but hey at least something to aim for. Too many lectures are aimed at the amateur or hobbyist who wants a quick trick that they can learn in minutes. But, there is a place for looking at more advanced ideas in magic. I for one, am inspired by seeing and learning things that push me that little bit further, as a performer. Those who didn’t attend missed out on a real look into the heart of magic and technique performed by one of the magic greats.


About the author

Paul Roffman is an actor and magician and a contributing writer to the magic circular and now magicconventionguide.